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iPhone Repair Abu Dhabi at Your Doorstep!

Ever wondered if there was an iPhone repair service nearby that can provide on-site repair at your convenience? Someone who can fix your iPhone in Abu Dhabi at your doorstep in the most reliable way possible? Someone who can repair your screen damage, liquid damage, software inconveniences and so much more? If these are your concerns, you have come to the right place! Fixerman is equipped with the world’s first solar-powered mobile service center. We call it ‘FixerVan’ and we come to fix your iPhone anywhere in Abu Dhabi in no time. We provide up to 2 years warranty only because we use OEM parts. Providing the most competent service for you is a priority for us. All Our Fixermen are extensively trained, vetted, certified and of course, very friendly!  We are extremely serious about rendering the most trustworthy quality and strive for the best customer service and experience. As you may already know, there are so many people out there who do otherwise. Trust us, when we say we’re here for you, we truly are.

We fix any iPhone, any problem, anywhere. We provide Apple support for all iPhone repairs similar to Apple Abu Dhabi in a faster way. Common iPhone problems include:

iPhone Screen Repair or Replacement

The most common struggle iPhone users usually face is a broken screen. And we all know that a broken screen equals to a broken heart. And we care about your broken heart. We fix your iPhone screen on-site anywhere in Abu Dhabi with our FixerVan! We can do screen/display replacement for your iPhone wherever you are located in Abu Dhabi. Just WhatsApp Fixerman on +971588334963 or call 800FIXME, i.e. 80034963 and we shall arrange for someone to come to your aid as soon as possible! iPhone screens come with 2 years warranty, and we often provide great promotions on iPhone screen repair Abu Dhabi.

iPhone Battery Replacement

This is another common problem on the iPhone. Is your iPhone battery not working. Are you having battery issues? Is your iPhone battery overheating? or iPhone not switching on? Maybe it’s a charging issue? It doesn’t matter because Fixerman is here to fix all your battery damage! We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to fix your iPhone in the best possible way. Every iPhone battery replacement in Abu Dhabi can be done on-site and we serve you as an Apple service center near you in Abu Dhabi. And you see, the iPhone battery replacement cost with Fixerman is so affordable! We can also pick your iPhone up from anywhere in Abu Dhabi and repair the battery damage at our center in our FixerHawk!

iPhone Camera Repair and Replacement

We all love taking photos. Therefore, when your iPhone Camera is not working. It is quite upsetting. We fix all iPhone camera problems. Whether it is an iPhone camera crack. Maybe you need an iPhone lens replacement or you want to just change your iPhone lens. We can fix your iPhone Camera on-site wherever you are located even if you’re are near me.

iPhone Back Glass Change or Replacement

A complex and common issue, especially on the newer iPhone, is a broken iPhone back glass or cover. We can replace your iPhone’s back cover and arrange a new OEM back glass change anywhere in Abu Dhabi. This is typically a deep level repair and requires anywhere between 3 to 6 hours of technical work. And if you are unable to visit our Apple service center in Abu Dhabi, we can pick up your device, fix it and drop it back to you via our FixerHawk wherever you are located in Abu Dhabi. We provide the best Apple support service on all iPhone back glass change in Abu Dhabi, UAE. That is, you need to worry about finding the location of Apple store Abu Dhabi anymore! We’ll come to your location anywhere in Abu Dhabi with the best Apple support services!

iPhone Touch not Working

Is your iPhone touch not working? You keep pressing your iPhone but the touch is not responsive. Your head drops onto your hands in despair, and you wonder where to go. We have an idea, Fixerman! Our technicians are certified and equipped with the latest technology to help you out with this problem. Get in touch we can provide help near you in Abu Dhabi. Fixerman is always available for any iPhone repair AbuDhabi!

iPhone Microphone not Working

Have you ever been talking on the phone and the other person is unable to hear you? You probably need an iPhone microphone replacement. We can replace your iPhone microphone anywhere in Abu Dhabi effectively, quickly and of course, reliably! You do not have to worry about your iPhone microphone not working. Certified Fixermen will come to your rescue for your iPhone microphone problem. Your iPhone is in safe hands here at Fixerman. Because we provide the best Apple repair Abu Dhabi service.

iPhone Home Button Replacement

Is your iPhone home button jammed? You apply pressure on this round button and no response. We can fix your iPhone home button. Fixerman technicians are equipped to help you out with this problem at your doorstep. We can provide an iPhone button replacement at your convenience. Yes, We can provide an iPhone home button replacement at your convenience anywhere in Abu Dhabi!

iPhone Software Issues

Your device looks fine. However, the software is backing up. Do you need help with iCloud or iPhone data recovery?Well, what are we here for? We have helped 100s of customers with iPhone software problems. Just call 80034963 i.e. 800FIXME for your iPhone Repair Abu Dhabi anywhere! No need of searching  “where to repair iphone in Abu Dhabi” or “apple iphone service center near me” on your browser and get confused anymore! We are always near you in Abu Dhabi! We will fix your iPhone software damage in the best and fastest way possible!

iPhone Data Recovery

Have you lost some important data that you desperately need? Fixerman can help you with that. We can do a quick data recovery for you, and you will have your data back in no time!