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Written by: Fixerman

July 9, 2018

5 Wireless Earbuds You Should Be Wearing

With so many brands coming with their own adoptive versions of wireless earbuds how could you possibly decide which is the best for you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here is a little something for all those decision values you look at.

Best for Apple Devices: Apple Airpods (AED 682)

Known for its funky style these airpods have penetrated the market rather quickly making that once odd looking earpods look totally chic with any outfit you wear.

Good: Seamless pairing with several iOS devices which are using the same iCloud account. W1 chip that recognizes when pause/play audio using sensors. The airpod carrying case plays a dual role as a backup battery as well.

Bad: Not the best audio performance and it may be equal or worse to the wired earphone which isn’t that great to begin with. Limited features unless you use the help of Siri so that’s a bit tiresome. In-ear fit needs major improvement, don’t go running without purchasing those bands.

Verdict: Looking for the easiest connectivity to you Apple device this is your best bet! Airpods create seamless connectivity and innovation although it may lack on features but not for very long, they are on the right path.

Best for Features: Samsung Icon X 2018 (AED 734)

Little drops that you just stick in the ear but a little does go a long way with the all new Samsung Icon X.

Good: Features on feature, this device takes it way further. Calls, music and fitness all in two tiny pieces of technology. Touch features to control your music playlist, including that volume up/down feature, a running coach so you never slow down and lastly, a battery life that’s got your back this time around.

Bad: Something that every wireless earphones are going to have is that lack of punch when it comes to sound. It something we have to give a little bit of time. Samsung is on it. Icon X might get a little stuffy when using it for longer periods of time.

Verdict: Want to run and dance at the same time? Samsung’s got you covered with sweat proof, stay in your ear and coach when you need it earpods. This earpod packs a punch in terms of features so why refuse?

Best for Design: Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 (AED 1,259)

For that premium quality feel, quality sound and a touch control system that can blow your mind. Let’s dive a little deeper with the all new E8 wireless earpods.

Good: Audio performance that lives up to its name with deep bass and crisp highs. Various features on App to adjust the sound to your liking. Super secure in-ear fit with foam tips. Mic clarity that beats all, you can be heard! Lastly, no audio delay for your netflix and chill sessions.

Bad: A price that makes you think twice and a touch control system that breaks your head with how much you need to memorize. May take some time to get used to.

Verdict: The wire-free B&O Play Beoplay E8 earphones deliver high-quality Bluetooth audio and an app that allows you to set your EQ preferences, but it may feel a bit overpriced. Would you really pay that much for a sleek design and fancy casing?

Best for Sports: Bose Soundsport Free (AED 849)

A mini frankenstein like ear piece that does what it says but at what cost and in what situation? The best and the worst but what trumps it all?

Good: Bose has created one of the best in its time and range when it comes to amazing wireless connectivity, forget the lag, the disruptions and listen to what you like just as you should. Bose known for its sound highlights its features with balanced, clarity and depth. Made for abuse, your bose earbuds will be with you through thick and thin with its fantastic durability and water resistant aspect.

Bad: Surrounded by the loudest of noises? Maybe this device is not the best option as you will need to put a pause on it, this is just sad news. Not to forget about that absurdly chunky alien like look when you wear the device! Come on, what happened to trend setting sound and design? Lastly, that hefty price tag that makes your second guess your decision.

Verdict: The Bose Soundsport Free is one of the most ultra-reliable wireless headphones when it comes to its connectivity. The pair gives off excellent sound within its range however, it’s poor fit and open design may cause people to turn away from purchasing the product even though it is able to withstand through the abuse of your daily and workout routine.

Best for Noise Cancelling: Sony WF-1000X (AED 899)

Sony has made a true achievement with its latest feature that they have brought to the table. Noise Cancelling, the biggest issue every wireless earbud customer faces in this time. Never a let down from Sony in providing the next best thing.

Good: The best noise cancelling headphones in the market, with these earbuds you can get lost in your own music without worrying about that annoying outside noise. It is paired with rich quality sound and amazing NFC pairing for you to maximise on your value for purchase.

Bad: let’s lay it out, poor wireless connectivity as you will experience connection drop outs several times which just kills your music groove. Lack of digital assistance and volume control unlike other trend setting buds in the market. The final bow, that unimpressive design that just does no good when you stick in your ear.

Verdict: This set of earbuds bring in active noise-cancellation to the game which is usually found in wired earphones and it does so without making a humongous ear wear. However, on the downside of things is the tacky design and poor wireless connection. The decision making feature for any buyer is its sound cancelling capability.