Back To School? Here are top 5 gadgets to boost your productivity!
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Written by: Fixerman - The Tech Guy

September 18, 2018

Back to work? Here are top 5 gadgets to boost your productivity at work or school!

With this year’s back to work supply looking cooler than ever, how can you possibly resist spending on all these amazing gadgets? Here we look at some weird yet cool and functional products in no particular order. Stay extraordinary with these funky items that can make you look cool for school or for work.

  1. Smart Radio Alarm Clock – Beddi by Witti

Tired of forcing yourself to get up, struggling to get out of bed? Well, this device can ease it for you. Beddi is not just an ordinary alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning. with its smart home ready capabilities. You can control your switches from your bed with a touch of a button. Have your alarms set and synchronized with the device. Play music from your playlist or use the integrated Spotify setting to listen and jive to the jam that is being played with its high-quality Bluetooth speakers. You can even add on a white noise generator to put you to sleep and open your eyes to some light with the wake-up light option. Guess what? It also shows you the traffic and weather report so you can plan out your day without many surprises. Only costing a long-term user AED 300.

Too much for your budget? No problem, Witti gives you another option for less than half the price minus a few features.

  1.  55C Magic Thermo Cup

Need a cup of coffee or tea in the morning? Not enough time to have it before you have to leave home because it is too HOT? No worries, we have the solution for you! Take away thermo cups have never been better. Forget those burnt lips and tongues with this amazing product. No more waiting with 55C, all you have to do is shake your cup and any hot beverage cools down to 55 degrees or less.  Created ideally to fit in any backpack or handbag for your on the go lifestyle.

Ideal for any student or working professional who is always on the move from an early morning start or an early business meeting. Save yourself from those thousand and one clumsy mistakes that could happen any other morning with a spill free and burn free life (well for as much as it can save you with your hot drinks). Get yours on Amazon or the Apollobox for  $30-50 (AED 110-160), choose your style and your colour to enjoy your drinking experience a little better.

  1.  Pup Scanner

A one for all product that is going to save you time from heading up and down carrying a heavy case full of documents and books. The pup Scanner is the world’s fastest mini scanner, you wouldn’t believe  how fast life is going to get for you! A handheld device that can take scans up to A3 size which is pretty impressive for something so small.

Imagine just pointing and finding the right frame, then with the click of a button it is scanned ready to be sent anywhere! Email, cloud storage or even to the printer. So save yourselves from bad quality picture scans because of different page textures as this scanner is your best bet to get you through school and ease your work life in a jiffy. Save yourself hassle with the pup scanner which can be pre ordered for $299 on Various offers available on the purchase on 2 or more devices.

  1.   Rocketbook Notebook Collection

Tired of carrying endless books allocated for various tasks and subjects, well here is something that can ease up your life, space and carry on weight wherever you are. Never run out of pages by saving yourself that burdening weight and those important trees.  

How does Rocketbook notebooks work?  Write or doodle with your Frixon pen, anything you want to jot done.  Assign the symbols on the bottom page to any or all your storage accounts (initial set up). Open your Rocketbook app scan using your camera and the provided QR code on each page and have it sent to the assigned folder in a snap. Share, print, archive all within the reach of your fingertips. Then done for the day? Erase your notes (methods vary per collection) and start again. Never run out, notes backed up safe and sound, all this with just one notebook.

Get your Rocketbook Wave notebook at any Virgin Megastore for AED 115 or view the whole collection and special rate packages on

  1.  Linedock 13”

This is a functional product that saves space keeping it light and easy for both students and business people on the go. Save all that space and junk with the Linedock 13”.

If you have a laptop that is 13” and has a Type-C charger this is a game changer for you. Don’t worry non- type C-ers, just get yourself a connector to match your port. Hot out of Kickstarter and into the real world, Linedock provides you with a one of a kind experience. How so? Imagine having a portable charger that can save the battery of your laptop and 8 other devices,  furthermore, it is also a hard drive with storage capacity up to 1TB. So, forget all your cable, knots and jammed cables in the bag hassle with this device as it weighs under 1KG. It is like having an additional skin on your laptop with the best functions ever. Save space in your bag, on your table and connect easily.

Get yours shipped now online on with rates starting at $299.