Best Options to Fixing the Cracked Screen of Your iPhone

Written by: Fixerman - The Tech Guy

February 20, 2020

Best Options to Fixing the Cracked Screen of Your iPhone

We’re in a time where technology is at its peak, there’s massive developments in science, technology and so much more, but we haven’t found a way to stop dropping our phones. A broken iPhone screen is a such a normal occurrence, at least 1 out of 2 people have been through the trauma of a broken screen.

Sometimes the fall isn’t that bad, your iPhone still continues functioning even after the fall, but the consequences are seen later in future where you’ll be facing problems, whether it is audio or microphone or battery.

What’s the best way to get over the trauma you ask? Get it repaired with a service center that is authorized by Apple and provides with Original Equipment Manufacturing Grade (OEM).

It’s always advisable to approach a repair center that has experienced technicians and has a good reputation. Unskilled, cheap repair stores located in the narrow alleys of a small shopping center can only cause additional damage to the body or the delicate interior components of your iPhone, which will lead to more than one trip to the store or in worst cases, force you to buy a new phone itself.

But if you have purchased Apple Care’s Extended Warranty then you could give your iPhone directly to Apple as opposed to using any unauthorized repair shop that will void your standard warranty. But on the downside, since Apple covers only up to two incidents for an accidental damage with a huge fee for each repair, this option might feel a tug in your wallet but also ensures that the most trained people are handling your iPhone.

The other feasible and viable option is approaching a service center that is authorized by Apple and a service center that provides OEM Grade parts that will be fitted in your phone. Since OEM parts are directly acquired from the same vendors that supply to Apple, you can be well assured that your iPhone is in the hands of experts with good quality spare parts being used to repair your iPhone.

One such service center located in the bustling area of Business Bay, is Fixerman who are pioneers in utilizing solar energy to fix broken screens on the go in their solar powered mobile van. This new start up is all about quality services and comfort they want to give all customers with their unmatchable customer experience and expertise in electronics repair.

With jazz music and good coffee, everyone is welcome to walk in and chill while their device Is getting healed. Bored of sipping on your coffee, you’re more than welcome to interact with the technicians and ask in-depth questions about your device leaving you more knowledgeable than you when you entered.

Also, the added advantage of picking up your device and dropping it off to anywhere in Dubai or Sharjah.

So with quality service and comfort what other reason would you have to choose Fixerman  :

  • Meets all OEM International Standards
  • Is ESD Compliant
  • Provides 2 years warranty
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Best prices in the market

So next time you drop and break the screen of your iPhone, think of the best in town and contact Fixerman!