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Common repairs

Written by: Fixerman The Tech Guy

August 24, 2022

Common repairs in modern Smart Phones in 2022

Owning a smartphone in today’s era is a necessity. As a matter of fact, we depend a lot on our smartphones. Whether you own an Android or an iOS, chances are that your mobile device is probably your best bet out there when it comes to casual browsing, accessing work/academic-related files, or simply staying in touch with your contacts.

However, owning a smartphone does come with chances of it being damaged one way or the other. Accidentally dropping your phone or getting a cracked screen is one of the most common damages that our phones encounter regularly. The best part, however, is that now most of the damages are repairable and therefore, we are going to go over some of the most Common Repairs in Modern Smart Phones in 2022.


Let’s just start with the most common smartphone damage that we regularly encounter. Having a cracked screen is very likely as smartphones these days are built with more focus on elegance than durability. Most people love their phones to be slim, lightweight, and premium and all of this actually come with a cost of less body strength making the screens easily ‘crack-able.’

Not to worry though as finding a repair for this issue is as common as encountering this issue in the first place. Regardless of what mobile device you own, finding a repair for it is very easy and you can easily get your phone’s screen repaired without actually breaking the bank or having to survey a lot to try and find someone who can actually do it for you. Fixerman can fix screen breaks of most brands.


Another regularly reported smartphone issue these days is the battery replacement or repair. Batteries are replaceable on both Android and iOS devices. However, battery replacement repair is more common on Android than on iOS. Now you must keep in mind that replacing batteries in an iOS device does actually provide you with a new battery with 100% health, but at the same time it also decreases the re-sale value by a good margin.

So if you’re planning to sell your device any time soon, chances are you’ll get a better rate with the older battery that it has as compared to a newer one.


Water damage is yet another very common smartphone damage that we regularly see people experiencing. Water damage can happen due to a number of reasons, either you using the phone with wet hands or accidentally spilling water over your phone, or throwing your phone in a swimming pool or a toilet in the worst-case scenario (Let’s hope this does not happen to anyone).

Now if you are someone who regularly changes their smartphone device and loves to keep the latest version of whatever OS you like then chances are you probably own a water-resistant device. However, if you are using an older smartphone then water damage can actually be very brutal for your phone. Yes, there are repairs available for it, and damages caused are reversible in the majority of cases. However, in extreme cases, chances are that you might have to invest in a newer device.


Screen-to-body ratios in smartphone devices have increased drastically in recent times. However, since home buttons, power buttons, and volume rockers are still around, therefore having issues with them is also very common.

Home buttons, power buttons, or volume keys are built to last forever. However, it is not very surprising if any one of them comes off or gets damaged simply because their use is very excessive. One way or the other, be advised that finding replacement keys is not a big issue at all and you can get it done from anywhere without running out of budget.


These were some of the most common repairs for modern smartphones in 2022. As times are changing, we are constantly seeing better and better innovations in smartphones. Therefore, we do expect the upcoming smartphones to be very resistant to having any of such issues. However, even if you do encounter any one of them, do not worry as finding a solution is very easy!