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Cracked Touch Screen

Written by: Fixerman - The Tech Guy

February 6, 2020

How to Fix Your Cracked Touch Screen

A shattered screen is synonymous to a shattered heart. Until you take it to your nearest repair center, here are important steps to take when you land up with a broken screen of an iPhone in your hand.

  • Always be careful when handling your iPhone with a cracked screen, small shards of glass are dangerous and can cause an even bigger emergency than your cracked iPhone screen.
  • Hold your phone under bright light and Assess the damage of your phone, check if it’s just a hairline crack or is it completely shattered. if it’s still working transfer your photos, videos or any important files to a backup device if in the wore case the phone completely stops functioning.
  • Unless you have experience with repairing a cracked screen, you must never try to replace the screen on your own as there are many small components and parts which might end up worsening the condition of your iPhone. iPhones are made of very precisely placed parts and delicate that require a professional’s hand to fix it with all the required tools. Tampering with your broken screen can cause a lifetime damage and push you into buying a new phone which will be expensive as compared to repairing your old phone.
  • A packing tape is a suggested step to do when your iPhone’s screen is in bits, packaging tapes are an alternate decision that will do the job till your phone goes into repair. Line all the broken pieces very neatly Line everything up very neatly and trim it with an X-ACTO KNIFE.
  • If your phone is still in working condition then remember to back up all the data immediately so that you do not lose any important photos, videos or documents.
  • It is compulsory to ensure that your iPhone screen always has a strong screen protector to avoid any such fatalities. A screen protector and mobile case are all necessary accessories to purchase along with your iPhone.

Always remember to find a service center that is authorized by Apple Service Providers to repair your cracked screen with at least two years warranty. It’s advised to always go for an OEM grade screen which is nothing but the same parts manufactured by the same vendors who manufacture for Apple, with no compromise in quality and performance.

Nonetheless, if you are still bent upon buying a new phone, here’s a fact that might change your mind and leave you with something to think about. According to one UN-sponsored project in 2018 finding, it observed that the average resident generates 17.2 kilograms of e-waste every year, much of which contains harmful toxins, such as arsenic, cadmium and mercury. The UAE is one of the major electronics consumers in the region with purchases only increasing each year.

There is always the easier option of buying a new iPhone, but with the never- ending pile of e-waste generated every year, it is wise and sustainable to recycle and repair old electronics which might still be in a perfectly working condition instead of hoarding it in the drawers and cupboards of your house.

Fixerman is that service center that meets all the above-mentioned specifications when dealing with a broken iPhone screen. Led by a team who are very keen on reducing the impact that e-waste has on the environment, they strongly encourage citizens of Dubai and the world to get their old devices repaired. With environmentally sustainable methods spearheading their operations, they repair and fix devices in their mobile lab, Fixervan, that is solar powered and hence using an abundant source of energy in their quest of repairing and fixing devices at your doorstep.

Giving first priority to cost, time taken to repair, convenience of pick-up and delivery from and at your doorstep and certified technicians at work with full dedication, Fixerman aims at being a household name for all electronics repair problems.