Do You Have A Broken Device? We Come To Your Doorstep And Fix It!
Phone and broken device repair in Dubai

Written by: Fixerman - The Tech Guy

January 7, 2019

Do You Have A Broken Device? We Come To Your Doorstep And Fix It!

Introducing a new generation of mobile service centers across Dubai, Fixerman – The Tech Guy, aims to takeover the realm with its mighty healing power. Our start-up company aspires to take on the nation with its innovative idea. Fixerman utilizes clean energy and sustainable methods to repair various gadgets for all your phone repair, tablet and laptop repair all over the city.

9 months since our launch in the lovely city of Dubai, we are marking our territory by providing our customers with reliable and feasible services to heal their devices. Gadgets these days are going through the heart stopping injuries which we pray that don’t happen upon the purchase of our devices. Having being in the customer’s shoe ourselves, we understand the panic a person goes through when giving your device in. No matter the issue, battery replacement, screen replacement or water damage, we want to ensure our tech baby is well taken care of. For the experienced Dubaians, you know that transparency these days is hard to find. This is why at Studio 907 at Business Bay or even in our FixerVan, we provide customers with service transparency to ask questions, stand guard and watch the magic happen.

Let us explain to you how we work for your happiness. Fixerman offers 3 types of  services: I come to you (our FixerVan), I will pick it up (FixerHawk bike) and You come to us (Fixerman Studio 907). We do any mobile, tablet and laptop repair in Dubai. Just drop us an inquiry via hotline, whatsapp, website or any of our social media pages (linked below) and choose your service type, that is as easy as it is. What’s more, we provide up to 2 years warranty on our fixes as well as free doorstep and pick up/delivery service anywhere in Dubai.

Not only do we provide services that are at the comfort of your location but we are also extremely price competitive. Then, we take it one step further. We are an environmentally friendly organization! Our proudest achievement and creation, the ‘FixerVan’, the world’s first solar powered mobile workstation which provides you a clean energy repair. In addition, we cut down our paper/plastic use to a bare minimum with our reusable packaging, as well as collecting e-waste with our soon to launch recycling campaign.

We aim to take our company forward with a greater purpose for the future, for our environment and for our country. Thinking ahead and staying ahead is our game plan. With all the support our customers have given us so far and the many yet to come there is no better saying, trust builds long lasting relationships.

If you have a broken device in need of a repair or questions regarding problems with your tech, give us a shoutout. Our motto is fix any gadget, any problem, anywhere. We are always here to help! We are Fixerman.