How to Repair Your Phone during the Covid-19 Lockdown

Written by: Fixerman The Tech Guy

April 19, 2020

How to Repair Your Phone during the Covid-19 Lockdown

While we’re all practicing social distancing in the midst of this pandemic, it may have become obvious how reliant we are on our smartphones to communicate with family, friends, and colleagues from the safety of our own homes. Apart from texting, video conferencing, and spending 4 hours a day on Tik Tok, you need your smartphone for essential tasks, such as to ordering groceries or applying for a permit during lockdown.

If your phone stopped working, not only would it be frustrating, but almost, understandingly impossible to navigate the quarantine without your device. Given the closures of “non-essential” businesses, prepare yourself for a delay on repair services. If your device is past the point of function, you might want to buckle up and use an older phone to stay connected till you find the best option to fix your device.

Apple Stores and Authorized Repair Centers

About a month ago, Apple announced the temporary shutdown of their retail stores across the globe, in an effort to help mitigate this pandemic. Even though you won’t be able to meet with an Apple Genius at the moment, the Apple website helps you find a local Apple  Service Provider you can repair your device at. If you have a cracked screen that needs urgent repair, check with your closest repair shop for timings, as a majority of these businesses may be deemed as “non-essential” and are temporarily closed.

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Apple Support

If your iPhone is experiencing software problems or won’t stop glitching, you can easily reach out to Apple Support and speak with an Apple representative to help troubleshoot the problem. You can get some technical support from either:

If you’re someone who has Apple Care, after giving yourself a pat on the back, you can check your available support coverage and eligibility on the Apple Website as well.

Android Support

If you don’t have any physical damage to your device, your software troubles could be something you can troubleshoot over the phone. For performance issues with your Android device, contact your cellular service provider or unique phone-maker call center for support.

Send it in for repair

For both Android and Apple users – if your device needs a little more TLC than something that can be offered over a phone call, consider sending in your phone for repair. This would come in especially handy if you need a speedy fix and can’t afford to go too long without your device.

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