The Best Yet? The Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review - Fixerman

Written by: Fixerman - The Tech Guy

November 9, 2018

The Best Yet? The Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review

Challenging this year’s fall technology collection is a device that competes with price and innovation. 2018 has really been an amazing year for Huawei with its initial P20 Pro and now its successor Mate 20 Pro.

The Mate 20 Pro is truly the Chinese tech giant’s cutting-edge device with an in-screen fingerprint sensor, 3D face unlocking feature, it utilizes EMUI 9 and its triple camera. To add to it further, Huawei has given its consumers an unbeatable battery life amongst all its competitors with a massive 4200mAh capacity so you never truly run out of power. In fact, with its latest technology you can help your competing friends with a little battery boost with its all new reverse charging technology. Huawei is truly supporting innovation and competition with its design and features.

In terms of processing power, Huawei has given the Mate 20 Pro the first run for the all new Kirin 980 which is said to be a significant improvement from it predecessor Kirin 970. So launching and switching between apps is now significantly faster with no noticeable lag during your daily use. What’s more, with Huawei’s gaming mode turned on, your device increases your processing speed to its maximum without overheating and draining its battery more than it should. So for all of you PUBG players and gamers out there, you will be enjoying a smoother experience.

The triple camera returns with this new release, but what’s different is Huawei’s swap out of the monochrome camera with an ultra-wide angle. The specifications for these three are as follows: the main lense comes with 40 MP, the ultra-wide with 20MP and the 8MP telephoto camera. With a combination like this the device produces 10MP standard images that can go from 0.6 to 5x hybrid zoom with an additional 10x to top it of. This super macro mode is amazing, as it allows its users to get far closer to the object using the mode than you usually can and still have focus and clarity while taking a close up shot.

With its latest launch Huawei has pulled off a remarkable device that carries many new technology upgrades without having a massive backlash for pricing or poor experiences. It has truly refined its hardware to excite any tech enthusiast with an impressive smartphone. Game changing features such as, 3D face recognition, in-display fingerprint sensor, a faster processor and wireless charging that includes the ability to wirelessly charge other devices. This list can go on therefore, cutting it short. Huawei is certainly on a mission to redefine smartphones with great workmanship. The EMUI 9 may not be to everyone’s liking however it does provide the device an optimised and smoother operation which will be appreciated in time.

Huawei is bringing 2018 to an end with its best device yet which makes us even more curious to see what is next for Huawei.