Importance of Macbook Pro Repair for Enhancing Performance

Written by: Fixerman The Tech Guy

June 1, 2020

Importance of Macbook Pro Repair for Enhancing Performance

It’s recommended that cars need an oil change about every 10,000 kilometers. It’s also recommended that you should visit your doctor for a routine check-up at least once every year. And just like every mean machine, your Macbook is no exception of regular upkeep to ensure optimal function.

The Macbook pro is a highly advanced machine with enormous processing power. From the retina display to high-end processors to security updates, you would be surprised to find out the multi-tasking capabilities of your Macbook Pro. Apple carries out it’s own internal housekeeping which you’ve seen with regular software updates. But like any other electronic device, it’s not uncommon for performance issues to arise after some time, which would require some trouble shooting from the user’s end, at home or at a repair center. Your Macbook Pro requires diligent maintenance to give you maximum performance. We’ve already discussed some tips you can try out at home to secure your Macbook Pro and even get it to run faster, but there comes a time when your device is going to need some professional TLC. When our tech geeks take a look under the hood, they might look at some of the following features:


If you’re used to running some memory-intensive programs such as photo or video editors, your device might utilize RAM at full-force. Even if you’re due for a RAM upgrade, our tech geeks can inspect your programs to ensure that they’re running efficiently without any memory leaks that might be the real culprit of taking up RAM.

Startup Disk

If you’ve ever received the notification “Your startup disk is almost full”, it’s likely your device is not operating at full capacity and has already slowed down. Available space on the start-up disk is utilized as Virtual Memory to run day-to-day operations on your device, with at least 10% of free-space needed to operate. Our tech geeks can investigate which files or programs are taking up maximum space, and help you move larger files like photos and videos, onto an external storage space.

Automated Features

Your Macbook Pro may be constantly audited by automated protection features that keep a watchful eye by monitoring system updates, data recovery, and even potential viruses. Incase these processes slow down system performance, we can configure these manually to give your Macbook Pro a performance boost.


Everytime you run a command, your device gathers and stores cached data, mostly made up of media or text files that helps reduce internet usage and speed up day-to day processes on your device. Eventually this data starts piling up and can often do the opposite, slowing down programs. Our tech geeks can clear cache on your Macbook Pro to make sure your programs run smoothly.

It’s been established that the Macbook pro is an elite machine. You wouldn’t take a ferrari to a corner garage, so when it comes to Macbook pro repair, it’s best to extend the same courtesy. Make sure your device get’s the magic touch by our certified technicians at the Fixerman Service Repair center. Whether it’s Macbook Pro display repair or a software inspection, get your Macbook Pro repaired right at your doorstep in Dubai by calling Fixerman at 800FIXME i.e. 8003496.