11 Rumors about the New iPhone 11: What to Expect?

Written by: Fixerman - The Tech Guy

June 14, 2019

11 Rumors about the iPhone 11: What to Expect?

With Apple’s consistent track record, we at Fixerman have been gearing up for the likely release of the flagship iPhone 11 this September. It’s been a few months since we’ve delved into any Apple products, so this is a wake up call to all our readers out there, especially #TeamiPhone, who’ve been scrolling past our Samsung and Huawei blogs (we see you). Today we’re discussing 11 rumors about the upcoming iPhone 11.

The Wall Street Journal forecasts three new iPhone models to be released this fall – two OLEDs and one LCD variant. We’re hoping the latter is an impressive (and redeeming) successor to the iPhone XR, we’ll call it the iPhone 11R for now.

Let’s get real for a second; this is what we’re all most excited about. All the iPhone’s main rivals house triple camera arrays: The Samsung S10, S10+, Huawei Mate 20 Pro and P30 (the Huawei P30 Pro flaunts four). If Apple wants to catch up, it seems entirely possible and evident that we’re going to see a triple-lens set up in the iPhone 11. Based on a leaked iPhone mold that’s been floating around, the three lenses are housed in a protruding 3D square in the top left corner. The latest rumors have the iPhone 11 dimensions at 143.9 x 71.4 x 7.8mm and the larger model at 157.6 x 77.5 x 8.1mm. If Apple stays with this size, the rear camera bulge might be too eye-watering for some customers. After seeing sleek renderings of a bezel-less isolated camera array, it could be hard to swallow a potential protrusion. Although speculation suggests that the iPhone XR might stick with the dual camera system, we predict all three phones to have all three lenses. Apart from a boost from 7mp to 12mp, the front camera will see an upgrade from 4 to 5-element lens component as well.

It seems that Apple is extending its color palette with some flashy new hues like lavender and green to replace last year coral and blue tones.

Edge-to-edge display:
Apple’s patent of iPhone with curved glass edges and a smaller notch demonstrates that they’re striving towards a sleeker and more flexible, edge-to-edge display. The patent mentions, “The structural glass support member may have bent portions that form sidewall surfaces of the device.”

Apple’s bumped up security by giving users the options of both Touch ID and Face ID. Apple revealed a “touch area” with an array of pinhole cameras that can allow users to unlock their phone by placing their finger anywhere on the screen. Additionally, the upgraded Face ID boasts a vein scanning technique that assesses sub-epidermal layers to distinguish between similar facial features. Take that twins!

Power sharing:
Two-way wireless charging is a new feature that’s been rumored to release with the iPhone 11. We’re counting on this one especially since Airpods 2 are all set to have reversible charging.

Apple is on the road to start mass-producing its A13 chips, according to Bloomberg. These next-generation processors are expected to power the iPhone 11 with an expectation of improved internal performances. However, a 5G unveil seems to be unlikely.

Operating System:
We’re just two weeks away from Apple’s keynote at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019, where the iOS13 will be introduced in June 3rd. We’re also hoping for a graphic revamp, which seems to be a long time coming.

There’s some confusion surrounding if Apple will embrace the shift from Lightning to USB-C, like the iPad Pro and modern Macbooks. Trusted Japanese site Mac Otakara, speculates Apple will ship the 2019 models with the fast 18W USB-C charger, along with a Lightning-to-USB-C cable.

Samsung’s stiff competition could possibly push Apple to make an unlikely move into releasing a pop-out stylus with the Apple iPhone 11. Key word being unlikely, but could a risky move like that be the shake-up Apple needs?

Price point:
Aligning with Apple’s history, the iPhone 11 may start at $999 and go upwards with additional storage. The low-cost model is more likely to start at $749.