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Written by: Ram Raj

July 16, 2017

Why keeping a cell phone clean is more important thank you think

A 2010 study reveals that the average cell phone contains more harmful bacteria than a toilet seat. To be specific, 18x times more. How gross is that? In fact, the germs on your phone can be as harmful as E.Coli, Staph, and MRSA. Some studies even show that cell phones contain fecal matter. Ew!

According to the study, today’s busy lifestyle that forces us to carry our cell phones with us wherever we may go is the reason why cell phones, in particular smart phones, are so unhygienic. Most people carry their cell phones in their hand or keep them in their bags or pockets. As a result of this, the cell phone gets hot and sweaty. This in turn promotes germ growth. So why are there germs on your phone? Let’s find out.

You probably use your cell phone for a number of things including calling, browsing the internet and reading e-books. Since you use your cell phone frequently, there will be occasions when you use the phone with dirty hands. Also, most people reach for their phones after eating finger foods without wiping their hands. If you’re one of them then say howdy to the germs from me.

In addition to the above, your cell phone will attract microscopic fecal matter if you have it in your hand while on the toilet or in the bathroom. Your cell phone will become a hotspot for germs if you use it during a cold or flu too. Even after you recover, your cell phone will have germs on it if you fail to sanitize it after recovering from your illness. While the aforementioned things may or may not scare you, the following fact is sure to get you thinking. Your cell phone will develop germs even if you always wash your hand before using the phone, have never used the phone in the toilet, and haven’t used your phone while sick.

Once you put the disgusting cell phone to your face, the germs on your phone have a direct pathway into your body through your mouth, ears, and nasal passages.

Think about it. Now that you know all of the germs on your phone wouldn’t you clean it regularly too?

There are a few ways to clean your phone, including the PhoneSoap charger, Wireless Wipes, and Whoosh! The problem is that they are all short terms and result in the germs piling up the second you stop cleaning it.

The best way to keep your phone clean all the time is to purchase Hygee’s self-sanitizing, germ-killing phone case and screen protector. It’s completely safe, non-toxic, and kills all the germs on your phone without you having to do a thing.

Don’t you feel safer knowing that you can be a toilet texter and you won’t end up with fecal matter on your phone? Or worse, in your mouth? I know I am. Use Hygee to sanitize your phone and kill all the germs on it that can make you sick.