Apple iPad Pro: Replacement For Your Computer?

Written by: Fixerman - The Tech Guy

December 11, 2018

iPad Pro: Replacement For Your Computer?

iPad Pro: Power Redefined

Steve Jobs had introduced the world to the iPad back in 2010. Since then it has always led the tablet market with its capabilities. However, the 2018’s all new iPad Pro is the next best iPad after ‘The iPad’. The all new iPad Pro clearly stands for the phrase, “The Bigger, The Better”, and we cannot agree with it any less thanks to Apple’s latest launch.

The all new iPad Pro 11” and 12.9” come with narrower bezels just enough to hold your device and maximize the screen viewing experience with Apple’s latest design trend pushing the screen edge to edge. Beyond the larger display size and longer lasting battery life the device packs its punch with a faster and more powerful processor with the A12X bionic chip that is one step ahead of the iPhone Xs range. To all iPad Pro users out there if you think this device is not any different to the 2015 model step into Apple and rediscover the iPad experience.

A screen update has definitely come into play with the retina display, the same feature used by the iPhone XR. However, with its pricing range that conquers all tablets you would think that Apple would have used an OLED display like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S4. The screen may not have the rich colour reproduction of OLED screens however, with Apple’s true tone technology and 120 Hz refresh rate, it really packs on quality and colour dimensions to the user interface.

One of the greatest feature boost that Apple has brought to the table is the ability to run Adobe Photoshop which is every artist’s dream to able to have an easy way to create their latest designs. An easier solution for those on the move.

Adobe has announced that this new experience will be launched in 2019, without an exact date of release. In this digital age, patience is not a humans beings strong suit. So is it worth the wait? We will have to wait and see.

Apple has also claimed that this iPad is faster than 92% of laptops however these devices are not just about the processor specifications is it? Software plays a huge role in the performance as well as usage for the users and this is where Apple shows a slight fall in its hype of being the next best thing.

The iPad Pro still has all the same limitations when doing a comparison between a tablet and a computer.

Apple still steals most of the credit for producing a product that is redefining capability and power within a device. It has created a super fast surface that make your swipe feel as easy as breathing, with a faster touch response thanks to its new refresh rate.

Everything is great and well with the all new iPad Pro until you break the device. A broken iPad Pro is hefty to fix. Here are the recent rates Apple is charging for your iPad Pro repair for the following issues: A whopping  AED 2499 for the minimal bezel screen and AED 349 for an iPad battery replacement. These are the frequently occurring rates however, water damage and other issues are yet to be priced by the tech provider.  So protect your devices as you would protect your heart!

Overall, the iPad Pro has shown massive capabilities to take it further in the future and may just be the next best thing to a laptop. Apple is developing and testing the ground. Always taking a step further in making life seamless and user friendly when it comes to its devices.  So in conclusion, if you are a person who is typing or sketching  your way through life and on the constant move this is the ideal device for you. Although, if you are a person looking for bigger screen to Netflix and expand your portable screen size. You may want to hold off on your purchase as this device costs a fortune with a starting price of AED 3,071.25.