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Written by: Fixerman

April 10, 2018

Phone Repair in Dubai: 3 Easy Ways

With the advent of sleek phones that are heavily focused on design and less so on durability like the good-old Nokias, more and more people are damaging their precious devices. A fun case study shows that 1 in almost 5 people have, at some point, damaged their phone. 80% of the times it suffers from a cracked screen, majority of them being iPhones. With great design comes a greater price – to fix the phone that is.

The story of Fixerman begins at the realization that with so many unfortunate accidents, there were few qualified caretakers. Fixerman will get your phone, any phone, fixed within hours by choosing any 1 of 3 very easy ways:

I Will Come To You

We are constantly on the move thanks to our solar-powered mobile van. It’s the first of its kind in the world and is completely fitted out to fix your phone on the go. Give us a call, tell us where you are and we’ll get there as soon as possible. You can have a chat while we fix your phone and give it back to you then and there! It couldn’t be easier.

I Will Pick It Up

Are you constantly on the move and need your phone fixed in no particular rush? I’ll come and pick it up, no sweat! I will take your phone back to my state of the art studio in Business Bay where expertly trained fixers will work their magic to fix your phone. Fixerman only uses premium peripherals so your phone is in the safest hands.

Visit The Studio

In or around Business Bay? Come pay me a visit at the Sobha Ivory 1, Studio 907 and get your phone fixed while you sit back and relax. I provide tea, coffee and refreshments while your device is being healed. You can even take a tour of our OEM and ESD compliant studio. Put your mind at ease knowing each fix comes with a 2 year warranty.

Need Fixerman? I’m available any time, all over Dubai! Get in touch!