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Written by: Fixerman The Tech Guy

August 24, 2022

Quick and Quality MacBook Repair Service in Dubai

Apple’s MacBooks are an extremely popular gadget and they have been in much demand ever since the company came up with its first lineup. Just like the iPhone, MacBook’s introduction was completely revolutionary. Not only this, but the MacBooks changed the way we viewed our laptops, and reviews claiming MacBooks to be the next generation of laptops were exemplary.

The huge demand for the device obviously leads to many sales and having MacBook is not very uncommon in the society that we live in. However, the more usage of the device also leads to reasons for it being needed to repair. We, over here at Fixerman have been working actively in Dubai since 2018 to provide Quick and Quality MacBook repair service in Dubai. Whether your Macbook needs a new battery, simply won’t turn on at all, or even needs some maintenance, we have got your back.

We have been in the business for enough time to understand how the MacBook systems work and how to go about different issues that your device might be having. We are now the best service for macbook repairs in UAE!

Here’s a list of all the MacBook repair services that we provide:

MacBook Screen Replacement

MacBook’s Screen Replacement is a common issue that happens and one that causes a lot of disruption to one’s workflow. Very few repair centers are qualified enough to get replace the screens given the sensitive and intricate parts that are there in the Macbook. A lot of customers are not aware of the best places for Macbook screen replacements and in search of the best rates, they often get misguided and the one-time low screen replacement cost leads to overall gradual display problems. However, we make sure that this does not happen and not only ensure that you get an A grade quality screen replacement service, but also on a budget.

MacBook TouchPad Replacement

If you are looking to get your MacBook’s Touchpad replaced, feel free to visit us anytime. MacBook Touchpad replacement is a very common issue and a lot of other service centers get this wrong. However, we have a lot of experience in replacing touchpads in MacBooks and not only we can do it with utmost precision, but we can repair your MacBook device and send it to your home.

MacBook Liquid Damage

How often do you find yourself drinking something while you are using your laptop? We all love to sip upon a cup of tea or coffee while we are working or many of us prefer keeping a water bottle along our sides wherever we are so that we can stay hydrated always, right? If that type of liquid gets spilled over your laptop, it can lead to several issues.

Not only do the internal batteries swell up, but spillage of any liquid can also lead to short circuits within the device and also can cause erosion of internal elements. If you are experiencing Macbook Liquid Damage, bring your device over to us today and we’ll try our best to return your device performing at its best once again.

Setting up the camera in MacBook

Setting up the camera is not actually a fault, but it is a very common thing that many users struggle with. If you are fond of making video calls or you are an executive who needs to be on the camera for professional purposes then Mac’s camera is an amazing choice. However, many people are unaware of how to set it up, and therefore, they require assistance from someone else.

More times than not, a slight adjustment in the settings does the job and in worst cases, the device needs to be thoroughly checked. One way or the other, we are here to help you and you can always count on us.


These are some of the most common Macbook device issues that get reported on a daily basis and we are here to help you get rid of each and every one of them. However, these are not the only services that we offer. Our expertise and services go way beyond these and that is why we are amongst the top when it comes to providing Quick and Quality MacBook Repair Services in Dubai.

Book your first appointment with us today, and we sure are not going to let you down.