Top 5 amazing budget Smartphones under AED 1000
Best Smartphone on a budget

Written by: Fixerman - The Tech Guy

August 9, 2018

Top 5 Budget Smartphones Under AED 1000

With smartphones becoming readily available all over the world,  gone are the days where you had to spend an exorbitant amount on a device that brings a bang for your buck. Here are 5 budget smartphones that you need to lookout for that cost under AED 1000, suggested by Fixerman.

HTC Desire 10 Pro (Approx. AED 839)

HTC launched this phone late 2016 however, when comparing its age over features what really matters the most to users? We will let you decide.

If you are in the lookout for a secondary camera this phone may be it with its 20MP primary and 13MP selfie camera. This device always comes with an extensive 4GB RAM and 64GB storage space with upto 2TB expandable. Too good?  Well, it isn’t perfect with its 3000mAh battery which doesn’t actually get through the day depending on your usage.  With its HD 1080p IPS LCD and fast usage when swapping between applications leading this phone out to be a stand out device.

However, that futuristic look is something we have to put it behind us because of its super early launch in 2016. Does this make it a device ahead of its time? Get it for AED 839 today.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5  (Approx. AED 870)

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 5 has entered with aims to dominate the market with its value for money performance build. A brand so young in the market has raised the glass to challenging the market dominators with its latest presence.

It comes with a mega 4GB RAM giving an early head start in the mid-range mobile battle for the best. It includes many promising features to consider when purchasing a phone such as: 64 GB internal storage, long lasting battery life with a sizable 4000mAh capacity and the best processor in the range with Snapdragon 625.  This 5.99” device offers Android Nougat 7.0 instead of its latest successor Oreo 8.0 which is a big question for purchasers. The disadvantageous ability of this generation phone is that is provides a hybrid sim slot giving you an “either” option to choose between 2 sims or a sim and external memory extender. Additionally providing a standard 12MP rear and a depressing 5MP front camera.

Although, one bad dish does not always leave you with a totally terrible experience, in the end Its features against the price. This phone is valued in the market at AED 870.

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Samsung Galaxy A5  (Approx. AED 899)

Galaxy A5 is the leading mid-range sales product. A lot of word has come through making it the next best almost flagship worthy phone in the mid-range category. The comparison is near to its previous successor the Galaxy S7- why pay that hefty price when you can get the best for less.

This device comes with a curved design allowing your back and front of the device to have a glass finish. Great speed in terms of usage however, the home button is much slower compared to the S series. It comes with a bonus relief point of having both dust and water resistant. This is the most advantageous feature one can look for these days. It comes with Android marshmallow. It’s 3000mAh battery will lasts you through the day after moderately high usage. Another feature enjoyed by most gamers is the Exynos chipset which can be said to perform similarly to Snapdragon 625. However, one of the downers for this device will be its camera. It does not standout compared to its other features as it has both 16MP front and rear but when it comes to taking videos there is a lack of video stabilization and a 4k option.

None of the features are really that troublesome for it to even be considered as a reason to say no to the product so why should anything stop you from buying this device at its valued cost of AED 899.

Huawei P10 Lite (Approx. AED 929)

Building a fully connected, intelligent world is Huawei’s aim on the long term when creating devices for this generation. The P10 Lite is a great example that devices of all range can possess all the great features for an incredible price.

This smartphone comes with a 4GB RAM (only in Hong Kong) and 3GB RAM (worldwide, seems a little unfair) generates enough processing capacity that can be considered speedy on a budget phone. It comes with Kirin 658 which is great if you are gamer for that extreme clarity and ease of playing. However, having the fingerprint lock now assigned on the back of the cover is a little confusing. So does that really work for people? The P10 Lite comes with a 3000mAh battery although it somehow works magic by having the ability to last a pretty long time so don’t worry it can cross that 24hr mark unless you game then that’s a different timeline for the phone.

It also comes with 32GB internal storage(is that even enough these days) although unfortunately most of the space is taken up by Android and the pre-installed apps, so that’s a bummer. Camera quality is decent with 8/12MP front and rear, it may not seems as much but the device has a f2.0 aperture, 1080p, HDR and low light photography so everything looks good all the time.

For users out there who don’t follow the generic trend of Samsung vs. iPhone, this phone is definitely worth a shot and money as it is sold at a great value of AED929.

Sony Xperia XA1 (Approx. AED 949)

The Xperia range is created solely to focus on connectivity and entertainment. It provides the best with a simple innovative solution. Let’s see if the XA1 does that for us?

The XA1 comes with its constant user friendly interface so everything is within your fingertips. However, what it lacks compared to the other competitors is its fingerprint scanner. Where is it? Non-existent. The exterior is designed with a plastic covering making it more prone for surface scratches and mark. It comes with a 2.5 inch curved glass that is great for video viewing/ game playing. The device also comes with front and bottom speaker giving great clarity of sound. Another bonus is its 23MP rear camera with lighting focus and the standard 8MP front camera. Another strange yet happy factor is its 2300 mAh battery which lasts all day long regardless of its capacity. Although be advised that over time the phone does slow down which can cause irritation from the user’s perspective.

Netflix Enthusiasts and Photo loving readers, this would be the ideal phone for you. Decide if it is worth when purchasing this device for just AED 949.