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Huawei Phone Repair in Sharjah at Your Doorstep!

Five years ago, no one have heard the name of the Brand Huawei, and now they are the world’s 3rd largest smartphone manufacturer in the market. Because they are investing more and more on their R&D, branding strategy and marketing campaigns. They are continuously developing and improving the quality of parts and its innovative features. Although sometimes when you accidentally break your phone and you search for Huawei mobile repair service center near me in Sharjah then it is not easy to get it repaired from a mobile repair service center. But with Fixerman it is not the same case!

Mobile screen replacement is very common issues with people we solve in our Huawei mobile repair service center. We provide all the solution for Huawei smartphone repair as we have access to all the high-quality OEM parts. Furthermore, our experts we called as ‘tech geeks Sharjah’ are highly qualified and best mobile repair service technician you will find! Don’t believe check our (reviews here). What more, we can repair all kinds of hardware and software issue in our Huawei mobile repair shop to run it again like a Pro.

Which Huawei mobile repair service we offer in Sharjah:

Broken Screen Repair: Broken front glass, touchscreen problems, vertical lines on the screen or nothing on the screen repaired within 20 minutes.

Back Panel Repair: Back glass panel can be replaced on any Huawei phones. Please provide the colour of your device when you contact us regarding this service.

Battery Replacement: New battery will give your phone a new life. This phone repair service comes with warranty and the job usually takes 20-30 minutes.

Charging Port Repair: We will diagnose the problem with a charging port and perform a repair or replace it if necessary. This typically takes less than 1 hour.

Water Damage Repair: Although we have very high success rate of fixing devices damaged by liquid and we deal with most of the phone brands, there is no promise for the repair.

Deep level Repair: We go deeper inside the mobile phone and do repairing at micro level problems on the motherboard.

If you are completely blank about what happened to your device then don’t worry we will diagnose your device completely before processing any Huawei mobile repair.

How can you book best mobile repair service?

  1. Fixerman at your location: Most of the mobile repairing service can be done on site at your location anywhere in Sharjah with no additional cost including Huawei mobile screen replacement.
  2. Pick up and Drop off service: For some of the complicated issue like hardware IC replacement or motherboard diagnosis issue we will pick up your device, repair it in our Huawei mobile service center and drop it back to your location again in full beast mode.
  3. Come to Fixerman Studio: For in studio repair service you can bring your Huawei phone to us anytime. We will fix it in front of you in no more than 30 minutes while you enjoy Jazz music in the background.

We repair all Huawei series mobile depends on the parts availability:

  1. Ascend series
  2. Ascend D series
  3. Ascend G series
  4. Ascend Mate series/Mate series
  5. Ascend P series/P series
  6. Ascend Q series
  7. Ascend W series
  8. Ascend X series
  9. Ascend Y series
  10. Nova series
  11. Ascend GX series
  12. Gr series
  13. T Series
  14. Y series
  15. Honor series (sub-brand of Huawei)