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So happy I found this place, I always struggle finding a place that is professional, safe and has decent prices but now I will be sticking with FIXERMAN for sure. The place is truly the best service I have been to, I was greeted very warmly, the problem to my phone was very well explained and fixed professionally with a very reasonable price. The Place has an open workstation area and a very friendly staff. I highly recommend!!!

I contacted them regarding getting my sons tablet fixed. They were quick in responding and a very fair price. Collected and delivered back to myself without an issue. Fixed back to perfection and came in a safe bag with bubble wrap to protect the tablet. Very happy and would recommend to my friends. Thank you

I have hired FIXERMAN a couple of times now. Each time I use them, they are efficient, timely and have great communication. I really needed my husbands laptop fixed urgently as it wasn't charging. They picked up the laptop and delivered it back to me before my flight the other day. I was beyond grateful as I had a tight deadline and very impressed! I wouldn't hesitate going ahead with them. Thank you FIXERMAN!

I had a super amazing experience today with one of your team members Ajmal. He was very quick and professional while giving me the full service on my phone. i had one screen changes and screen protectors placed on both my phones and i could not be happier to use your services again. Many thanks

Truly outstanding experience! My phone was on a restarting loop and I almost lost hope that it would be repaired especially when I found out that it is a hardware issue. The technician sensed my urgency and desperation and helped reassure me that it could be resolved and fixed it in a very timely manner.. I’m truly grateful for Fixerman and their amazing customer service and fairness in service prices. Wishing you the best of luck!

Ajmal did an awesome job !! He came out to my place, took the phone to the van and replaced the screen and LED in about 30 minutes. He also checked another phone for me and advised me on the repair. Great price and professional service. I will save his number for future use !!

I got my phone fixed from these guys. It was an incredible experience as it was perhaps the most efficient ‘fixing’ process I have ever seen. They came under my apartment and fixed my phone within 20 minutes! I’d highly recommend them to both friends and family

Gary King

Really good service with fixer man. First they were cheaper than other quotes I had. Second they met me all over Dubai as I work all over. Really convenient service. I even asked for the wrong thing but they still fixed my phone. It was really destroyed and now it’s like it’s brand new again.

Phone screen was swapped in about 15 minutes the second time they came to me. Ajmal was all over it.

I’m so impressed I wanted to share ...

suhaad nawaz

I've had my phone for over 3 years and use it a lot for work so when my screen cracked and I lost my display I panicked. Taking it to the original store meant not getting my phone back for at least 3 weeks and considering the pandemic it could take longer. So when I came across this site online I was skeptical at first considering they said it'll be done in 24 hours.
But I must say I am really glad I went through with it, not only were they ve...

Jelena Popovic

I’m super happy with the service. I have contacted FIXERMAN to replace my screen on iPhone 11 Pro. They came in 2 hours. The guy who fixed the screen (Ajmal) was professional, polite and he replaced my screen work in 15min.
All recommendations!


So happy to find them! quick reply on whatsapp, quick appointment and quick replacement while we were on holidays in Dubai. Was for a screen replacement, price and quality are also ok. I wish them the best & you can go with eyes close. Nice office by the way ;)

Szilvia Tímár

They are so fast and so professional had my iPhone X fixed in one day! Their costumer service & support is excellent. I love that they offer 2 years warranty, to me it shows they’re confident that they are doing a good job! So happy that I choose them

Yasmeen nisha

I recently had an issue with my iPhone 12 pro screen, which I found over the internet. They fixed my phone while I waited in their studio. I'm satisfied with their service. Even got a Discount!
Their service was Fast and the Vikit was Friendly and Professional.

Thank you, Fixerman.

Steve James

Cannot fault the service at all. Contacted them 3pm Saturday, a driver collected my iPhone at 5pm the same day. All fixed and delivered back to me 3pm on Sunday. Flawless service and the phone looks as good as new. Thank you!

Sara Mattar

Fixerman is an excellent service! Probably one of the best services I've ever used in Dubai. I literally took my phone to several repair shops (Emirates Mall, Mercato Mall, Jumbo Electronics, the Sony repair centre etc.) in Dubai and they said they couldn't fix it because they didn't have the parts. So I bought a replacement screen myself and took it back to the same repair shops and they said they still couldn't fix it. I WhatsApp'd Fixerman and...

Monz A

I recently broke my phone screen and required it to be repaired immediately .
I called Fixerman to carry out an onsite repair, they came out to my residence within the hour and got it fixed. I'd like to thank the technician Asif who was very professional and fixed the device in within 30 mins.

Note I called other companies beforehand, including the Phone companies authorised shop and they quoted me the same price and would have taken 5 ...

Viji Mathew

I can't resist myself from writing a positive review about Fixerman, whom I have found extremely professional in their approach. Apart from being responsive, they have also shown great honesty in their approach.

Their technician Jojy arrived this morning, to replace a broken screen (that was my impression!). He checked the mobile and said, the screen is intact and it is only the screen guard that is cracked. Frankly, he could have easily r...

Malak essam

they came and fixed my phone under 30 minutes , their team is extremely friendly and professional , if there is any problems they respond fast and ensure you are satisfied, the guy picked up the phone from my house and got the job down and gave it back it saved me the hassle of having to go to the shop. the customer service team responds fast and are very polite. if you need to fix your phone i highly endure you using fixer man's serivces plus th...

June Arevalo

Ajmal who fixed my phone screen was very friendly and professional. He’s very responsive as well when you have further inquiries. Best service! I’m a satisfied customer!

Zainab Khan

Very impressive service provided by Mr. Ajmal… very professional, quick and convenient!! My IPhone 7 screen needed to be replaced and that was done at my doorstep at the promised time slot in about 20 minutes.
Extremely satisfied!!


Fantastic team and very helpful. Fixed my iPhone speaker issue in minutes and that too at Home. Authorised Apple Repair team wanted me to leave my phone for 14 days with them!
These guys did it at my home in minutes!

Blazen Minic

Unfortunately, in spite of their good professionalism, the quality of service was very poor. First new screen was not fitting properly like the old one, and second just 3 days later, battery got defected. When I complained, they did not accept any responsibility that new screen impacted the battery. They just offered some small discount if I want to replace the battery.

Balachandran Menon

Amazon Home Services provided support towards my iPhone battery issue through Fixerman - The Tech Guy today at my home. The technician Ajmal visited me before the appointment time and checked my mobile thoroughly. He promptly changed its battery, cleaned the unit and closed it properly (it was earlier in a bulged status). He informed me of one year warranty for his services and assured full support and assistance at any time. He also explained ab...

north soul

They were referred to me by another satisfied customer and I did send them a message thru WhatsApp and they responded so quickly. I was given an appointment for pick and drop ( my device) since I am leaving in Al Majaz2,Sharjah. One of the staff by the name of Bilal willingly and patiently assisted me during the pick and drop off... true sign of professionalism and great value for customers ,kudos to you! Overall service is great and they deserve...

Petra Borgstein

This service is great! They fix your phone on the spot (if it’s possible). It only took them 20 minutes to fix my charge and microphone problem. The staff is professional and friendly. I will recommend them to friends in Abu Dhabi.

pam pam

I contact them in the morning for my phone battery problem. They are so responsive and fast service. They sent the team to pick up my phone in the evening and the service for battery changing is done within 15 mins by the technician name Asif they are so professional. Its so convenient that they come to your door step with full service and very fast. Thank you Fixerman

vigneshwaran gopalsamy

Contacted Fixerman for IPhone 10x screen replacement. The technician contacted me immediately and got the exact replacement details. Mr. Asif from Fixerman reached my location and completed the replacement with the screen exactly as described and it was comparable to the original screen. Mr.Asif is very polite, knowledgeable and customer friendly. I highly recommend their service for quick response, product knowledge , excellent and professional ...


Big shout out for the guys at Fixerman! Super service, quick response and a great price. Fixed my daughters iPhone screen after it was smashed. Very happy customer

Barry Casey

Got my phone screen fixed in 20mins and it was done outside my workplace.
Chuffed to bits. Super professional and very responsive communication.
Would highly recommend

Laetitia Lacaze

Very good and reliable service! They fixed my laptop (hinges between the screen and the frame) fast. I contacted them by whatsapp and they replied every time quickly. I recommend!

Jihad Salim

Just want to thank Thejas for coming in and picking up the phone from my building. Great service and well received. This was a screen repair on my iPhone X, product is great got the screen changed to a OEM part and I have to say the screen is amazing, best one for aftermarket. Price wise talking about the OEM screen change well worth the price rather than going to apple or to any other repair shop. In fact I would also say the OEM screen is ident...

InTransit Music

I had an old 2012 HP Laptop that I needed to fix as it had become very slow from heavy software usage. I called Fixerman. From the very start, I was impressed and put at ease.

The staff was very professional and friendly. They explained to me what needs to be done. In under 2 hours somebody came and picked up the device. They gave me this tracking number where I could track the repair in real time on the website. I was also sent periodic e...

Wayne Gadd

Very impressed with price and service. Argil was the techician who responded and replaced my Galaxy Note 8 battery.
Arrived at the promised time with excellent service and price.
Highly recommended.
Thank you Fixerman.

Dodo N.B.

I got my phone's screen fixed through Fixerman. The process was very efficient, quick and professional. I dealt with Ajmal.
They came to our house and fixed my phone in their van within 20 minutes!!
I highly recommend them.

Tony Myers

This is great idea for a business, ably executed by Asif and co. They went the extra mile to find the right battery for my phone, brought it to my house, and replaced the old one within 15 minutes. Super service.

Martin Winter

Go elsewhere!

I had my Iphone fixed, or so i thought. It came back within 2 weeks the screen lifted off completely (i paid the highest cost for best quality ironically)
Fixerman then sent out a team member to fix this........after "fixed" I discovered my front facing camera didn't work, facial recognition no longer worked and the speaker which is required to make calls didn't work AT ALL.

since this they have completely ignored m...

Basem Alhennawi

Highly recommend a professional mobile service. They came in the same day and replaced a broken screen while waiting in the car downstairs. Original parts with two years warranty!

Thanks to technician Ajmal i have absolutely brand new phone !

Jekaterina Gruzdiene

It was an absolutely speedy response, collecting of my devices and returning them back to me in newer condition than they were! Bravoguys and big THANK YOU

Ishaam Fazly

Seeing is believing. Technician (Name: Thejas), was very professional & knowledgeable. He changed a sceeen of a Samsung s20 ultra in 45min. Very polite & excellent service by Fixerman, never knew that a service like this existed until I googled it yesterday :). No more wasting time going after phone shops that takes ages to carry out a small repair. Thumbs up for creating such an amazing concept like coming to the customer's doorstep &...

Aaron Small Fitness

Fantastic service. I called and had two phones repaired on the same day. Fixerman went the extra mile to source screen protectors that I requested. For sure I would recommend.

tobin kottarachirayil

Just got my iPhone10 screen repaired (green line issue) .i approached fixerman and got an appointment same time.
Mr. Ajmal , the tech man arrived at the appointment time and fixed it in a matter of time.The quality of the replaced screen seems great and it comes with a 2 yr warranty from Fixerman.The whole procedure lasted less than 15 minutes.
Overall ,great experience with Fixerman team and least to say awesome job by Ajmal.

Ann Antony

If I could give a negative rating, I would!!

I had recently given my iPad for changing the battery to Fixerman. After reading all the comments I thought they would be the best. But, The biggest mistake I made!
The delivery guy returned my iPad after damaging the screen. The touch sensitivity stopped working. When I pointed this out to him, he started arguing back with me and blaming me for their unprofessional work. He claimed they are ...

Hiren Prajapati

Mr Joji was very helpful, professional and did the repairing in time and he advised the right way to use the iPhone to ensure the battery is not getting degraded

He is an absolute gem with fixer man

Jiwan Sunar

Thank you so much Fixerman and especially Tech Noufal for the Fastest service. I had broken my Samsung device, immediately they gave me a price which was quite competitive than other Vendors. The repair was done within 30 mins and he cleaned my phone also from inside out. Kudos to you guys! I Will definitely recommend it without any second thought.

Ivan Pironi

Top class service at your doorstep! what I liked about: honesty on providing alternatives!

I got screen replaced by Ajmal and he was such a professional technician!

Don't look around in order to save 20 AED! these guys are the real deal!

Sam S

I have fixed my iPhone 7 Plus display and MacBook Pro keyboard from here, outstanding service and repair, the screen looks amazing and all the original features are working perfectly. I will always recommend them for any mobile or laptop issues.

Shreehari Narayanan

Replaced Note10+ screen recently and Ajmal came to collect the phone on time and the repair was completed in approximately 30 minutes. Was able to pay using a card and the entire process was extremely convenient.

Beatrice Massai

Ameer has been amazing! He directly came to my place and he fixed my phone very quick, only 1 hour! The screen was totally demaged but he fixed it without losing anything of my pictures and documents. If I will have any other issues in the future, I will definitely contact fixerman ! Thank you guys

Issam Rizvi

I had to have my phone's screen fixed/replaced. I took it to the Samsung store and was told it would take 3 days, which was way too long. Fixerman sent Ameer to my location and fixed it within 40 minutes. Great job and thank you!

Earnest Monroe

Great, fast service... Mr. Asif came to my home and repaired my phone as advertised. Phone looks and feels brand new. This company is greatly recommended.


I inquired about them and immediately they responded and booked me an appointment. They come in my office in Sharjah no hassle travellin and fixed my iphone battery in less than an hour! Very good! Highly reccomendable. Thank you so much to Ajmal. Very responsive to my queries as well. Defintely going to recommend to my friends!

Suren Tamang

Great service by mr.Ameer
First time today I repaired my iPhone with fixerman it was really good service at home within a minute he changed my iPhone screen with professional way. Highly recommended. No need to go somewhere and find the place to repair mobile just get the appointment with fixerman and get your mobile ready within a minute at your home it’s really so great service. Special thanks to Ameer.

Sebastian Pious

Mr Asif did a great job for me. He is quite professional in his approach and reached here exactly at the appt time. I wish him good luck in his future career

keting li

Great timing. Swift response. Professional on phone fixing. Noufal Noushad is highly recommended. He fixed my phone at my door in 20 minutes with great offer. Thank you, Guys!

Mostafa Makhlouf

Very fast professional service on site. They came on time, and Mr.Ajmal fixed the screen with new one in no time, cleaned the device socket. Definitely I will use this service again.
Totally recommend

Martyna M

I am very pleased with the service, very professional, on time, new phone screen works very well, recommended

nandita kulkarni

I booked a screen replacement with Fixerman for Sunday. Ameer, the technician was on time and prompt, very efficient and a great example of service with a smile.
I would book them again anytime! the convenience and the responsiveness is matchless. Very happy to recommend!

segal sabine

Tejas was incredible!
The service was efficient and professional .
The problem was identified immediately and solved within a few minutes.
Thank you again for your awesome assistance!!
I have no words to describe my gratitude

Teymur Tahmazov

These guys are great. They replaced my Samsung Note 20 ultra's screen in 30 mins. They gave me a good discount and came to my place with their van so I didn't even leave my hotel. Thanks a lot! Special thanks to Ajmal for being so friendly and professional

Fadzi Mkandla

Outstanding! My iPhone X was water damaged so first thing in the morning I called Fixerman. Within an hour they were at my door and Ameer had my phone fixed an hour later. I can't rate this service highly enough, and considering I didn't have to even leave my house, the price was great too.

Zareer Shah M

Great service and affordable price.. replaced my oneplus 8 pro cracked screen in just 2hrs. Will pick from your Doorstep and drop in same day..

Anastasia Ozerova

Had a broken phone, searched for a good repair place.
Found Fixerman, they came out to me within an hour and had the phone fixed within 20/30 min.
Best part… the price - you can’t beat their prices.
Thanks to - Ajmal for all

juan carlos carvajal sanchez

Excellent service and technicians, really trusted services. Was my first experience with Fixerman and I enjoy it, always the team was intocuh and delivering good quality of services.

Badr Qaddah

Sent my phone to get the screen fixed, had no issues other than a cracked screen. Phone came back with motherboard issues, sent it back 2 weeks ago and they've yet to fix my issue. The technician contacted me once and said someone from the team would contact me but that never happened. Horrible experience.

nihala nihala

I'm so glad I reached out to them to fix my Iphone. Best part is how quick they are services. Reached out to me so quickly and fixed my phone at my doorstep. No hassle. Thank you so much !

Rico Galapate

I’m so happy with the service done with my phone. Tejas is definitely a keeper to the company a very nice a knowledgeable gadget guy. More power FIXERMAN thank you

Natalie Souster

They were very quick to come when I needed them to. They were professional and did a great job replacing my screen.

Clayton D' Gama

I've had my s10plus battery replaced, quick and speedy service done by technician Tejas. The flexibility of having them come to your door step is what makes it worth it and the low cost as well.

Lester Guevarra

Great Service! My Iphone was fixed quickly in front of me. Technician is very friendly and professional. I will definitely recommend to a friend if they have phone faults to repair. Thanks to Fixerman team and to Mr Ajmal (Tech).

Adriana Kostic

Very quick, affordable and professional service. Pick up and returned fixed laptop within 24hrs.

Ave Jianne Garcia

Thejas and his team fixed my Samsung S20+ for only 20mins. Very professional and quick response. Thanks Fixerman!

Giacomo Ziani

Very responsive and professional. Came to my doorstep and replaced the screen in 15 minutes. Recommended!

Loic Dxb

Outstanding customer service and professionalism. Second time I'm using the service, not only they are fast, efficient but cost effective too.

Got an iPad mini broken screen replaced in 1 day, picked up at my place, dropped off the next day with a free screen protector.

More recently got and old iPhone battery replaced in 20min. Reached out to them through Whatsapp late morning, and their technician popped by at 4pm same day, replac...


Best service I got ever, friendly staff, very professional and helpful, my phone was completely busted and they fixed it in 20 minutes! Totally recommend fixerman.

Thwarik Kamal

I got my MacBook repaired from them. The experience was stellar as they came to my office, picked up the device and dropped it back the same day. It was seamless as I didn’t have the time to go get it fixed from a mall.

Would highly recommend to my friends and family

Mariam Saeed

Super convenient phone service, they repair my I phone 6 plus in front of my home, in less than 10 minutes, will recommended, thanks fixerman

Dindo Escario

i never expected that after water damage declaration from apple service of my xs max, it will be repaired still, there's no guarantee how long it will last as normally, reading reviews online, it will not last that long...lets see how it will goes, but completely satisfied...a bit pricey but really worth it! i only have one concern the facial recognition ID seems not working, but after communicating it to them, they replied immediately that they ...

Maryam Bin safwan

Very good service in fixerman . I fixed a iPad screen . The quality of screen is amazing and also in a good price.

alex mendis

FixerMan by far the best Tech Support team I have ever come across til date. Its super convenient, quick, trust worthy, correct analysis of your devices, extremely well. You can completely rely on these guys as I have been their client for quite sometime now. Always good to share valuable information, one of which is FixerMan VALUE FOR TIME & MONEY. Cheers

Yoga with Jardine

The back glass of my Samsung got damaged twice cause I keep dropping my phone, and on these two occasions I went to Fixerman. They did the replacement on the spot. If I damage it the third time, ill only come back to them. (Each time I canvassed for the price from others and both cases their prices are the most reasonable)

Sohail Mahmood

Very professional and quick service. Ameer was very courteous and fixed the broken screen of my phone in 40 minutes. Highly recommended!

Amit Sabharwal

Very responsive and fast, got my iPhone repaired onsite in their state of the art solar powered vehicle with utmost professionalism and taken care of all covid19 protocols.

Nono Ghannam

Everytime I try to fix a device I only think about Fixerman. This time I met Shafi who replaced my iPhone battery in less than 30 minutes! He also so nicely packed my old battery, and replaced my screen protector for free! It was a big gesture for me on quality to be honest. These guys are the best! THANK YOU SHAFI!


Great service. Technicians are polite, well-trained and educated. Went for battery and screen replacement in theirs office, it was very nice office, organised and cleaned. They are fair, reveal and allow to go inside to see your stuff while technicians are fixing. They are happy to do so.
They are also follow up after service i.e. any issues, how it goes after fixing/replacement. Of course, a pouch as a gift to protect your stuff. Appreciated....

Rage Jonson

My experience with Fixerman is really great. I have choosed them coz it's only one service what can quickly come to your house and fix your phone, especially if you have only one phone. I was thinking to ask official Samsung service but they said "we need 2 days for that". Luckily Fixerman guys fixed it quickly. I believed my broken Note9 was replaced with original screen and will continiously work more and more years. Special thank's to Mr Ajmal...

Pamela Gonzales

They have replaced my iPhone Xs Max screen with a high quality one and the technician, Ajmal was also professional. I highly recommend Fixerman

Rajesh Vijayakumar

Thank you Fixerman for helping my phone a rebirth!!
When we get our mobile phone repaired from FIXERMAN, it's not just a service, it gives us a feel of satisfaction and care too while undergoing throughout the process.. All the very best to Team Fixerman!!

Eva Olavario

Had issues with my iPhone screen, found Fixerman over the internet. Received a quick response and a quote on repair. They came to my building to check the phone and gave out recommendations before fixing. They fixed the phone in their van while I waited. Screen and battery fixed and is working fine (including Face ID). Even got a discount! Service was fast and the technician was friendly and professional. Thank you Shafi for an excellent service....


I just had my Note 10 plus screen replaced last week. Ajmal was able to get it done with less than 30 mins. He is very technical and really knows what he was doing. Great Job Ajmal!

Sarthak P.

Was quite a drive for me, as I live in Ajman and the office I chose to visit is in Dubai, but they also have a Sharjah branch. However, it was more than worth it because although my phone (Google's Pixel 5) is uncommon in the UAE, these guys did an excellent job at replacing it's bulging battery without breaking the display.
TLDR: One-day service, pleasant staff, recommendable workmanship!

sneha lakshmi

It was hazel free and quick, the whole process took only 20 min, Ajmal was very helpfull and informative, i would definitley recommend them for any repair needs.

elias maina

What can I say these guys are on another level i thought the process will take over 20min it just took less than 10min and they do door service too,thanks so much FIXERMAN.Thanks for Mr Shafi to the fast work and polite attitude also won't forget the driver Mr Haroon very cool guy,and also thank you guys for the 50aed coupon for my next fix.

ZB Creative Lab

Best service. The Fixerman team leaving after fixing my iPhone screen in their solar powered Van. They were SUPERB. Highly recommend!

Michael Williams

Great service and efficiently handled the replacement of my charging port on IPhone. They were timely in picking up and delivering and was completed in a few hours without having to leave my home. My only suggestion would be an online payment portal. Will definitely use you again if the need arises.

Ashni Kothari

They were extremely professional. Super quick in their replies as well as the fixing. My phone was back as good as new.

Edward Barber

Customer service skills are excellent. I was running late for the appointment and they waited until I got to the location. Ajmal was very professional

Christel Huisamen

Extremely happy customer here! I replaced my IPhone 7 screen with them.

Their service was prompt and he was exactly on time for the appointment. They delivered on their promise and there was no funny surprises.

He went the extra mile and cleaned out the dust from my charging port and the speaker section in order for the charger to fit snugly again.

I would definitely recommend them and I will make use of their services in t...

Alex Brown

Great service at your door. I had 2 phone repaired (screen replaced And phone backs) they look and perform as new, haven't checked the water resistance though. But over all am happy

Rahul Vinodan

Had my apple watch screen repaired by these guys, they repaired it quick and simple. I cant even tell its been repaired!

Vauthchanna Heng

the service was at the top. Shafi was very professional. he handle my device with care. He's so well knowledge on what's he doing. Thank you Shafi

yasir mehmood

Awesome! They have great technicians for repairing laptops and mobile. Customers are really happy for there work. There is one guy ( bilal) who can assist you for some problems.. He can help you what you need to do in some issues, problems or need to repair.. Thanks for some effort guys!

karthik g

Replaced my NOTE 10 screen ,no issues till now..Prompt and quick response and authentic product

Arnold Rodrigues

Prompt service at an affordable price. Their team came to my doorstep and repaired my device in 20 mins! Good value for money. Thank you!

Sharanya Rao

Fixer man is probably the best way to go if you want to get your phone repaired !
Super quick and super professional, the whole team is so on hands with the whole process.
They are obliging and will come pick up your phone from wherever you are and get it back to you safe and sound.
Most people have the fear of giving up their phone to unknown hands as the device holds literally everything. But Fixer man has a team of fully certified tec...

sujith sebastian

Thanks to Joji George and Fixerman team . Great professionals and get your work done and great price. Always recommend for my friend’s

Yusra Hashim

Perfect solution for when you need an urgent phone fix or a part replaced.
The fixerman took the phone to the van waiting downstairs and within an hour brought me back the phone fixed and spotless!

Vinayak Malik

As the owner of an obscure phone who doesn't have many support options in Dubai, fixerman really saved the day when my phone went kaput. Can't thank them enough

Jyothis Nair

Ajmal did an excellent job to replace my iPhone 7 battery with original Apple spare.

Abdulla Kunhi

Professionalism is one word that comes to mind when dealing with fixerman. They are prompt and they do not make false promises. If they say they can’t do it, they will bring to your notice right away. If not they do an amazing job with providing the necessary solution to your problems techwise be it laptop, iPads to mobile. Having used their service more than once, we can confidently say that it’s a one stop shop that walks the talk... highly...

Pepijn De jong

Excellent customer service. Responsive chat support. On time pick up - and very fast service (got the telephone sooner back than expected) - would definitely go again! Thanks Fixerman (also for the nice pouch :-))

K. Agha

responsive and on time, they came to my parking lot. ajmal who attended my job was very quick and knew his craft. highly recommended.

Jan Nieuwerf

Great company, very client focussed and delivered on promises. I will use them again in the future.

Sarib Qazi

The service was very quick and the technician was quite professional and humble. Within less than 20mins I got my LCD replaced due to a touch responsiveness issue.

The also serviced my earphones and speakers within the same time at the ease of my doorstep. Would definitely recommend them for you phone issues.

Kyle Faver

They repair your phone outside your house in a van. Don't worry the guy has a table/station in the back of the van and looked quite proffessional. This avoids having to wait around a repair shop or going days without having a phone. Very quick reperation.

Vivek Pv Pv

fixerman is aswome they fix my issue @ door step with in 30 mins and the service is good the technichian ajaml is expericed guy thanx to fixerman for fixing my issue i recomend them to all prompted service

Niall Simons

Excellent service, i messaged via whatsapp the problem and within 24 hours they came out to us and repaired the iphone X. Thank you

Marci mm

This is my second phone of my brother which fixerman has fixed it and i gave them the third phone :D !fixer man you are amazing! You will never regret you can really trust their work ! And trust their honesty ,

Brian Dawe

I called all the shops I new of to remove the camera from a new tablet and they were able to do it. They came and picked it up and dropped it off. It was a difficult job I’m sure so it took a few hours longer then expected but it was pretty much a 24 hour turn around. If you are going to an oil site and need your computer or tablet cameras removed. These are the guys!!

Karim Khneisser

Super fast service, my phone was submerged in salt water, it wasn't functioning at all, they fixed it in like 1h30.

Douglas Mullinax

I cracked my phone screen and was referred to this company to fix it in a timely manner, and they arrived when they said and within no time had a new screen installed on phone and working properly. Very pleased with service that was provided.

Farhana K.

Guess im the unlucky one to experience their service. Had a careless tech, i wont go into details but if they were diligent enough to check - I would have just gotten a new phone and not waste theirs and my time . Instead they made my phone worse. No worries keep the amount that was paid as donation.

Leonie Collins

Excellent service! Came to fix my phone so quickly and we’re super nice to deal with!

Karim Cheaib

Very good service & Extremely professional team. Once you contact via whatsapp (very responsive), they gave me an appointment next day to come to my home. Screen was fixed in less than 30 min. I highly recommend them. Hassle free !!!


Professional, helpful, prompt efficient service, at a reasonable price. Would recommend them to everyone with a mobile problem. Guarantee also fills you with confidence.

Maria Lausanne dela Peña

The service was quick, and Ajmal was utterly helpful. Would definitely recommend!

Adhityo Yudhono

Extremely happy customer here! I replaced my iPhone 7+ battery with them. now my iPhone can turned on again

Their service was prompt and he was exactly on time for the appointment. They delivered on their promise and there was no funny surprises.

They also check and clean rest of part inside, and they do let us know if something happen, such as missing parts or broken parts.

I would definitely recommend them and I will make ...

satyam singh

I Got my XS MAX screen replaced by Ajmal from Fixerman. The good part is they have doorstep service which allowed me to interact with Ajmal to understand the problem and see him in action. I didn't like the quality of free screen guard but overall good service experience. I would recommend FIXERMAN for any issues related to mobile phone.

Katie P

Really happy with the service received, really professional and quick responses through whatapp. I contacted Fixerman late afternoon and had made an appointment for the gentleman to come out the very next morning. I needed a screen replacement for iphone Xs Max, my phone was fixed within 20mins and unbeatable prices compare to the shops that ive checked out. Would very happily recommend this company for any phone or laptop problems in the future....


Asif fixed my phone very quickly, there were no issues and my screen looks brand new. Thank you !

Alexandre C

Very Nice experience changing my iPhone X’s screen. Special thanks to Ajmal for his punctuality and professionalism, I strongly recommend his services

Rebecca Moreira

Super convenient phone repair service completed right outside the front of our place in 30 minutes! We contacted them in the morning and they came in the late afternoon. Would highly recommend this service, beats going to the mall and handing over your phone all day! Thank you Fixerman!

Elouise Erlings

I desperately contact fixerman to save my data and iPhone, after it had fallen in water, and i hadn't backed up in a long time. The phone was completely dead, and I was so worried I would lose some 10k pictures of my baby. Fixerman took the phone and worked on it for a few days, and managed to save all my photos! Though the phone was completely damaged, they still managed to revive it and have it switch on again till the battery depleted. I was v...


I've got only positive experience with these guys. Not only they responded to me when others said they couldn't help but the overall process was very smooth and pleasant. You're notified about each step along the way and the outcome is just what you need. My little daughter is now happy again with her tablet repaired.
Keep it up guys - world needs minds and hands like yours!

More for Les

Very easy to book appointment and they arrived on time. Only took 30mins to fix the screen of my husband’s Samsung galaxy note 10 + and they accept card.

Highly recommend as the places I called are charging more and I it’ll take 3-5 hours or even the next day to be fixed.

Mark Caven

0 Stars!

Terrible, unprofessional service. Fixerman's repair lasted 10 hours and they also damaged my phone software.

I sent my iPhone 11 to Fixerman to repair the backglass.. The material used for the repair was of poor quality and 10 hours later the backglass was cracked once more.

Furthermore, the medical software which was installed on my iPhone did not work when my phone was returned, costing me $$ to replace.


Abdalla Abuarjah

One of the guys is very nice and tried his best to help us last time we visited but unfortunately the quality of the product is just poor. This is the third time I replace my screen and now got to the point of being cheaper to get a new Iphone. Today I dropped my phone which was a very minor drop and the screen broke "internally". When I visited the shop, they said that the cheaper screen quality does not sustain drops, which is surprising for a ...

Yadi I

Great Service, just got my Xiaomi recently fixed.

siegfred valera

Mr. Asif is good man good in customer service and he make my mobile in back to original excellent

Nour Kadry

Ajmal is a very talented Guy!! i was having an issue with the charging socket which Apple themselves told me that it's unfixable!

Thanks Ajmal! and thanks Fixerman for the help!

Michael Jones

Thejas did a great job of repairing my phone, will use again


Excellent and well trained team. Very responsive to my request and very easy to schedule. Replacement screen on my phone is working well. They used a great quality product and installation was very fast. Absolutely no problems!

Hussain Bohari

Fast, secure and authentic service at my doorstep. My iphone is now flawless. Highly recommend.

Sarah F

I can warmly recommend FIXERMAN. The camera broke on my iPhone and needed to be changed.
FIXERMAN quoted me slightly less than the shops I had been in contact with PLUS the man, Mr Shafi, came to my house and did the work from a work station in his van. So cool. All in all it took 20 minutes - and that included the free (!) mobile screen protector he installed for me.

Happy customer!

Dr Lakshmi Harikumar

As the name suggest.. Fixerman fixed my problem really quick .. loved their service.. responded very quickly to my queries.. Mr.Ajmal Ahmed was the one who came for the service .. He was very professional and friendly.. Thank you!!

sanath sadik

Went to fix an iPhone xs with a damaged screen. Big thanks to Amir! Very impressed both by his skill and his integrity! Thanks so much; if I have any problems with any of my other Apple devices I won’t hesitate to use your services, and I would definitely recommend the company.

Anna Grosheva

Absolutely professional team.
I had an issue with my macbook pro, and I was really impressed by the service. It's the first repairing company I've dealt with who constantly sends all the updates through whatsapp - it's very convenient. Special thanks to Noufal, who patiently answered all my questions and did a great job.
The service was very quick: I received the laptop after fans cleaning in ~4 hours the same day delivered right to my door...

Mohamed Darwish

I fixed my iPad screen and it broke down again in less than 45 days, their hardware replacements are trash tbh. Plus, they got away from replacing it under their alleged "warranty". I absolutely don't recommend them.

Nour Chatila

Speedy and reliable service. They fixed my broken phone screen thoroughly and professionally. Highly recommended.
Update: used the service again recently, still good as ever! thank you guys
Update 2: Fixerman came through once again, Ameer was great. Keep it up guys.

Leeanne Patel

I had a really positive experience with Fixerman. The LCD screen of my laptop needed replacing. They have pick up/drop off facilities within Sharjah, so the laptop was picked up at 1 PM and returned to me fixed the next day at around 8:30 PM, which was fairly quick. Vikit was constantly updating me on WhatsApp and was really helpful with all questions. The replacement part is not original but it's working just the same and is much cheaper than ge...

Azahar Aslam

Best service, Fixerman proved it, Indians are best in service... my phone screen got damaged which replaced by Fixerman within 2 and half hrs. Good job....

Khushi Kapasi

Such an extraordinary service! Recently broke my iPhone 8, and discovered them through a positive reference from a friend. Super friendly staff, and booked an appointment over the phone. They came with their FixerVan, fixed my phone within 20 minutes, and returned it to me with a high quality screen protector on at a reasonable rate! I was extremely satisfied with their service and have faced no further problems on my phone. Would definitely reco...

Ahmed Gheyath

Very good and trust worthy work. Special thanks (Ajmal) he was kind and helped me with all the questions I had

iliass Kbaich

Fixerman did a great job with my wife's phone repair and my laptop.
They have a high trained and quick team. Definitely will use third service again.

Christine Schulz

I have a phone that is 5 years old. I contacted fixerman online to get a quote and they responded really quickly. When I arranged to get my phone fixed they came and fetched it brought it back to me. I really liked the quick and prompt service I received. I would recommend using them.

abdul khaleed

Mr joji awsome technician explained everything and my phone fixed in 20 minutes

Tokugawa Shogun

My fiancé's ipad has got a crack on its glass touch pad. The problem was I was in dubai and she was in Ajman hence we needed some one who could go collect her ipad from ajman , repair it and deliver back to ajman and I could pay them from dubai...which was literally impossible till we came across FIXERMEN TEAM. Not only they collected the device all the way from ajman but also repaired and returned back. More over also let me did the account tr...

Basil Siddeeqi

I had a very bad experience with this people. I had given my laptop for repairing a issue with the charging port. There was no response for over 10 days. When I called to check they informed that they could not get the required spare and returned the laptop. When I showed the laptop to another service centre , they found that the memory was missing and the battery screws were missing. Please be careful.

Ma. Neresa Labris

I really like how Vikit fixed my mobile screen. I liked it. I strongly suggest FIXERMAN. Good job!!

Manilyn Lagman

I had my IphoneXS max LCD replaced in less than an hour! The technician Shafi is very professional. He came to my office, explained the issue and fixed it! He is very efficient and polite. Keep it up! If you want your phone fixed without visiting any service center and wait for days to get it done, then you have to contact me this company. Surely will definitely recommend to all of my friends :)

Creek Marina Yacht Club

Joji carried out a repair on my I phone X after I accidentally damaged the screen. The company came the same day that I called and were very professional. It's a little expensive but the screen used is original, 2 years warranty, staff are great and works and looks really good after it was done! Well worth it. Thank you Fixerman.

Anil Chander

With my iPhone battery requiring to be charged almost 3 times a day, I knew it was time to get a battery replacement! I reached out to the Fixerman Team, and was pleasantly surprised by the warm and professional response. I was immediately given an appointment for the next day, with the option of having the battery replacement done at my location. I received an email confirming the appointment. The next day, the technician arrived in an impre...

Rob Jones

Picked my phone up at 1pm. By 9pm, it had been repaired and delivered back to me. They were also slightly cheaper than other quotes I'd recieved. Recommend.

Hitesh Parwani

100% genuine and good advice!!

Had some issues with my Iphone X , which they could have easily repaired but they advised me to first check with apple store as this issue was a quality problem that apple was repairing for free.. secondly they didn’t charge me for a minor repair with my old iphone6 to get me going till I get my phone repaired...:)

Thanks Vicky for good advice and service! Would definitely recommend to everyone!

Ash Jha

I had a very pleasant experience having my iPhone X repaired through Fixerman. Waqar their tech support was my point of contact right from start to end and he was ever so professional and helpful. He personally picked up the phone from my workplace, had it fixed to my satisfaction and delivered to my home all within the same day at a very reasonable price. Absolutely recommend Fixerman!

Anila Ali

Best phone fixing service in town with amazing and reasonable rates. I have already gotten my iPhone 7 voice card fixed for half the price from an apple store and also the screen for my iPhone 5c! They were quick and picked and dropped my phones without any down time as they fix the phone right in front of you in the mobile van service center.
Friendly staff and amazing service! Highly recommended.

Henna Mistry

I was really happy when I found these guys as they had excellent reviews. They came quickly and replaced the battery of my Samsung S9 Plus. However, my fingerprint scanner stopped working so contacted them to fix this. They also replaced the battery again because it was still draining vert very quickly. They fixed the fingerprint scanner and a day later it stopped working again. The battery is even worse that what it was before. It's a shame beca...

Kawtar Takouit

this is the worst service i have ever had . they took my phone to fixe gps problem, the brought it back gps still not working. they took it back again to fix it for the second time. they took ,y phone at 12 pm and now is 9 pm and i still didn't get my phone, i have a flight tomorrow morning and i am going to miss it because of that. this is such a poor service

mahfooz thalangara

Truly loved the service. Great work Ajmal!

Gabriel Jabbour

Sent a WhatsApp request to fix my broken back screen.
Within 2 minutes reservation was confirmed. Within 30 minutes they picked up my phone at my hotel & 20 minutes later, my phone was back to normal!

Shafi offered me a very amazing & professional service!
A1 company & Service!

Alilya N

Recommend to everyone! Really convenient- they come right to your location. And repaired and fixed my phone in 20 minutes!

Abdulla Alsaif

Excellent and professional service. Mr. Ajmal who dealt with my case was a pleasure to work with.

Omar Abdelwahed

very bad experience, not serious at all, not able to fixe my phone which stayed with them around 8 hours and they bring it to me by night worse than it was given to them

Also I got my phone repaired on the day after from someone else and it was repaired on the same day.

Thanu Styl

Today I change my iPhone 7 battery. Mr shafi came to my room to fix. He is very friendly and professional service and he provided professional advice.
Thank you so much @fixman team

vikram surana

I am really surprised and happy to see such a nice service for mobile repair. It was so transparent and quick. From the first time I called their office to the time the gentlemen came to my place and repaired my mobile. It all just happened in few hours with no hustle at all. Keep it up guys.. Totally satisfied by your service and specially amazed to see your moving workshop. Its a true value for money. Good Job. Keep it up....

Niveditha Santhosh

Fixerman is very efficient and easy to use for repair services with prompt responses, pick up and delivery of the device. Will be using their services and recommending to others for sure.

Aycel Kharputly

I highly recommend this professional & quick service. I communicated with them on whatsapp and they were very helpful & informative.

Jen was very helpful and extremely responsive. Gave me how much will my case cost, how long will it take to be fixed and that they do free pick up and free delivery.

My Microsoft Surface Screen was replaced and brought back in less than 24 hours.

I’m very grateful to Jen who coordinate...

Petar Dobrosavljev

FIXERMAN TEAM is highly professional and very responsive!
Straightforward, they will come to you, pick the item up and take it for analysis, you will get all the information via email, however , they will also be available via WhatsApp.

They fixed my iPhone SX max in record time, as I mention they kept the communication open and once I received the analysis and the cost, I told them to go ahead with the fix.
They did an amazing job, ...

Becky Musician Dubai

Absolutely fantastic company. Booked my appointment on whatsapp and a technician came within 2 hours and replaced my iPhone screen on the spot in 30 minutes. They sent me sms updates and emailed a receipt. Extremely professional and reliable. Highly recommend.

Mourad Ben Othmane

I used their services and they are very professional and skilled. Applied repair rates are acceptable considering they come to your place to fix your phone/tablet within the hour. I won’t hesitate to recommend their services and will definitely have them in my top phone repair company in Dubai.

Ice T

Needed a screen replacement for a17" Dell Inspiron laptop and Fixerman were excellent. Great customer service. Kept me informed all the way and finished the work quicker than I had anticipated. Great quality job using OEM part. Would recommend them highly for your laptop, phone repairs etc.

Abir Achkar

I can not thank enough FIXERMAN for the amazing job they have pulled in not only fixing a lot of issues I had with my iMac, but also for the AMAZING service and professionalism I have experienced. I rarely write reviews, but I did feel for the first time, that a company truly deserves praise when it does a job with so much passion and drive. Great customer service. Keep it up!

Didoune VALEY

I recommend, fast and efficient repair of my iPhone battery, free pick up and delivery.

Gaurav kumar

Best phone fixing service in town with amazing and competitive rates from the market(store). I have already gotten my iPhone 7 plus battery replacement fixed for less than half the price from an lesser than apple store ,They were come to my home on given time and they fix the phone right in front of me in the mobile van service center.
Friendly staff and amazing service! Shafi .
Highly recommended.

Ali El Ezzy

Once I booked appointment in the same day the technician Joje was at my door punctually. He took my iphone X and checked the damaged screen and in 20 minutes, my phone was back with a new functional screen. The price is not cheap but it’s worth it since they install OEM grade screen and not something commercial. I recommend them especially Joje. He is professional, polite, and fast. Thanks

Shahab Mirza

The worst repair service in dubai. Tricking people into false timelines and then make you consistently follow up. Every time they will come up with a new excuse.
I am planning to report them to the consumer protection department of dubai.
I would advise that you have your devices checked post repair to ensure they have not put fake parts

Hercu Viljoen

Well done and thank you for great service - quick and convenient

Akim Usmanov

Very good team and company.
I called them and in a few hours they arrived and changed iphone screen downstairs into the car.
For sure this company deserves 5 stars.
Thank you.

Emran Khan

I saw the Google reviews and thought I must try this based on the reassurance from the Google reviews. I had an Apple iPhone and the screen has broke and I had it fixed my new shop in the local market which didn’t last more than a couple of days. Also I had to spend a lot of time and handing over my phone which I was not too comfortable with.

This service is exceptionally good everything was agreed clear wire phone/WhatsApp there are no ...

jed benitez

You would expect that such fast and convenient service, the quality, cost and efficiency would be compromised, but it's quite the opposite. My iPhone 7 screen was almost entirely shattered, they give you options which quality you prefer (OEM and high quality) and they triple check everything for you to see that it works, and will even provide a free screen protector and warranty all within less than an hour. So you'll definitely get your money's ...

Youston icho

i've very positive interaction with Joji. I had my iphone X screen replacement. Joji did an amazing and fastest job. They came to my work fix it in 20min and the result is great
i would recommend them to all my friends
Special Thanks to Joji

Tanseem Abbas

Mr JoJi is very nice man and too cooperative & professional to replace the screen of phones

Minoshka Furtado

Great service. Vikit and the team were very professional and did a great a great job on my laptop.

What sets them apart from the rest is their skill, easy communication, how quick they were and the fact that they have a free pick up and delivery service, which made it so much easier for me.

I would definitely recommend this!

Deena mekkawy

After my phone spent a week in their facility and they said they will repair it, suddenly they claimed it can’t be repaired. And it’s a motherboard issue and they even told me not worry as they will return it as it is without charging me. i found that weird too, Like you don’t discover a week later you can’t repair it; you discover it first day since you claim to have savy te...

kareem alyami

They asked for my tablet model, quoted a price, picked up my device, returned the next day it to the wrong address and then told me that they didn't repair it because they didn't have the part after confirming they did. Do yourself a favor and stay away from them.

Shane Elliott

I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for electrical repairs in this case on a laptop.
It has been some time since I had a very prompt and cost effective repair (replacement battery in aHp laptop).
But this is why I am taking the time to right this review, you realise the true value of a company and their service when things go wrong and how they respond.
My battery showed signs of failing just before the warranty was s...

Ahmed Morsi

Thejas is very pro and service was fast! Thanks

Peter Moen

Great great service! Everything from customer support to the quality of the repair.
I got a whatsapp confirming the pick up time, the driver registered and inspected my device, delivery next day with credit card payment.
Will definitely use them again and recommend them to my friends.

Riyaz Ahmed

Two different cases:

1. Sept 2019: My iphone X’s back glass got cracked while I was out of station. On my return flight to Dubai, the first thing I did was book an appointment for the next day with Fixerman to get it repaired. They came, took and got back the same day and also complimented the front screen with a screen guard which I still have on. Excellent service!!

2. Feb 2020: My iphone 8+ front screen got cracked, didnt think...

Sophie Foster-Nixon

10/10 highly recommend! Responded quickly and booked an appointment at a convenient time for me. Arrived on time and had a new phone screen in less than 20 minutes at my location and at a reasonable price!! (I was also impressed at how well sanitised everything was kept - phone bag, phone and card machine sanitised - a concern during Covid19).

Hesham Salah

They are very professional and friendly, they work with passion, and they care about the small details.
After checking my laptop, they found the only problem was the fan, fixed it and i got it back in no time
I truly suggest them :))

Mark Butler

I smashed the screen on my iPad Pro. The screen was still working, but I wanted it replaced. Fixerman came to my door quickly, took it away, emailed me a receipt to say they’d take it. They did not have any replacement screens for this model, but replaced the whole display for a little bit more money, but still good value. It quickly came back, I was genuinely surprised at how quick it all was. The iPad works great now. Thanks guys :)

sukanya chansong

Very good and fast service, I impressed their work which goes for extra miles, cheap and quality as my back broken screen was fixed by them and they even put the screen protection for free with the package when handed back the phone. I was even complained at them during the time to received the phone but I was realized they tried their best to handed the phone to me at on time. And they did it, well done for their start up business.

Mudra Shah

Had my device screen replaced which was in a very bad state! Extremely pleased with Mr Shafi Ahmed who replaced the screen for the second time after some issues were there with the first time, service was prompt within 40 minutes. Great job Fixerman for providing such efficient door to door services

Judy Mar Yamzon

Thank you for the fast transaction and accommodating members, specially to Mr. Vikit who was very responsive to all my inquiries.
and their team fixed my phone in just 20 Minutes at our office.
Thank you fixerman. Surely will recommend to others :)

Yuvraj Pahuja

Great team! Super helpful! They fixed my phone in an hour and were very professional throughout. Highly recommended.

Zadya Coelho

Extremely Happy with their work.
They are quick and repaired my phone screen within 30 minutes as promised.

I highly recommend Fixerman.

bobby remington

Excellent service. Came to my house and replaced my cracked screen in about 20 minutes. About a month later had issues with some functions. They came, picked up my phone, fixed it with no charge and returned it. I’d use them every time

shafaf mohammed ashraf

Excellent service, solved the problem quickly and easily and great flexibility in terms of picking up and dropping off the mobile. Recommend very highly indeed.

mika pakarinen

I had two laptops there to replace keyboard. Keyboard change itself went ok, however it triggered another problem, same for both devices. After they tried to rectify the issue, they say that it did not come from them. I know that neither of the devices had that problem before and the same issue came to both devices in their repair. Customer gets the damaged device back, and Fixerman not willing to rectify the issue they triggered. Not responsible...

LPS Willow

Fantastic service, deliver on commitment. The customer service person diagnosed the problem on the phone, sent me the quotes and options for repairs and the following morning guys arrived to the house and repaired the phone on the spot. Absolutely fantastic! super job

hisham Sultan

Cracked the screen of my Samsung s8+.
Seacrhed online for repairs, Fixerman was the quickest to respond. Diagnosed through WhatsApp from the same phone that was cracked. They provided the quotation for screen replacement and appointment made for repair.
SHAFI dropped by and returned the perfectly repaired device in approx. 2 hours time.
Great job and a remarkable turn around time by Fixerman.
Keep it up, you guys take customer service...

Dani Alves

Hey guys!! I highly recommend Fixerman they are the best, they succeeded in fixing my Mac after I mistakenly poured some liquid on it, I gave to 2other companies but they didn’t succeed for 2weeks but they did it in 5days and their services are 100%. I can’t thank them enough they brought me back my joy after almost a month that my Mac has been down.
Thanks to the Fixerman team u guys are doing a wonderful job just continue like that and I...

Arjun Manghnani

The team came to my door step and fixed my phone there and then. Ajmal came prepared and knew exactly what needed to be done

hashim vahedna

Had my Xs max screen changed in minutes outside my house. Mr Ajmal was quick and efficient. Definitely will recommend!

Talal Osaimi

I had 4 phones 3 with major water damage ( iPhone 6, 6+, 6+s, 8+ ) I took my phones to fixermans convenient location in business buy, and found a true group of professionals. The layout was amazing. With some smooth Jazz playing in the background I don’t feel I was in a “phone center”. Most importantly they fix all of my phones at a great price. They also have home services.
Nice experience, thanks to all there team, good job.

king fung cheung

Customer service was very responsive, informative and helpful too. I've had an unexpected change of schedule and the service person shifted my appointment early right away. Any questions I had were answered quickly in details.
The repair technician arrived on time. The actual phone repair was good quality too.
Price was fair.
Overall experience was very pleasant.

Ksenia Shek

Truly one of the best services to fix your phone in an alternative way where apple makes you pay a cosmic price.
I needed to transfer the data from completely smashed iPhone to another iPhone and the guys did it without asking questions. They knew what I needed!
Professional and experienced techs who also very good people.
Highly recommended.

A Alfalasi

They came on time and repaired the battery and back glass cover for my samsung in literally 36 minutes!! The outcome was also so professional it looks brand new and you cant tell it was repaired! Thank you fixerman for your great service! If I could rate them 10 out of 10 stars I would of XD

Ibrahim Mousa

Great Service, Great quality just like Apple using OEM glass, very kind and respectful technician came all the way to my apartment, fixed phone in his service car and came back upstairs in 30 mins! They also provided me a discount as I am a first time customer. Highly recommend.

Mohammed Al-ahmadi

Excellent service.

Same day pick up and drop off, they even repaired my pixel 3 screen which is not an easy job and uncommon in the UAE.

Prices are a bit on the high side but worth it for the peace of mind. Would definitely recommend it.


I broke my phone screen and was looking for a service company that can fix my phone on the spot, coming to my office. Called Fixerman in the morning, received an instant quote (comparable to other companies), got a direct confirmation of the time slot. Technician was on time, very helpful and professional. Screen is as new. Highly recommend!


Real quick and professional. Appreciated their help. Cheers roberto


Aida Mohajeri

Professional, trustworthy service. Extremely reliable with accessories and/or fixing your technology with the best prices available in Dubai. Easy and effective communication with the team and coordinated when the time is best suitable for the customer. Cherry on top is that they will come to you with their mobile van that uses SOLAR power!

Lukas Nosek

Amazing service, pick up and drop off, same day. Apple store "genius" told me that the can not repair broken glass back, but offered a new phone. Apple must be really struggling globally. This company deserves BIG thumbs up. Definitely 5 stars!

Naziya Syed

Excellent service! My phone looks brand new FIXERMAN Is one of the fastest phone service I’ve ever received thank you for the amazing service!

Jeff Strachan

These guys really are superb. They picked up a MacBook Pro 15" with a broken screen. A job that four or five others had tried and miserably failed to fix. I honestly was not confident they could fix it BUT they exceeded expectations by miles. Service was extremely polite, I was kept updated with What's APP messages throughout and price was very very fair. Thanks Fixerman

Nouna Jalilzadeh

They are honestly the best. I had doubts when I contacted them, Jen was very helpful during the process. I took the risk and gave my phone for repair. They picked up my phone and dropped it back in the same day. They did an awesome job and I would recommend them to whoever needs tech support or repair.
Thank you very much Fixerman!

Joanna Lane Simm

I urgently needed the screen replacing on my phone so that I could still work and the Fixerman team responded quickly to my request and came out to my home to fix it. Excellent service and I would recommended them.

Raya Mahmood

I recently broke by iPhone 8 screen and Fixerman got it fixed at a reasonable price. They're service was phenomenal! The cooperative staff reached my house immediately and got it fixed with utmost precision. I learnt that their FixerVan is also solar powered which was very impressive. Definitely would recommend to a friend.

Yasmina AlKibbi

Great quality - phone came back brand new!
Also very quick and convenient; they came to Media city right on the appointment’s time.
Delivered just as promised! Worth every penny!

Chand Guria

Wow! Everyone in the office is so friendly! Went in with my X and got the LCD changed (for a standard price) and I was out in under an hour. Seems to be 98% but with a 2 year warranty I'll go back to check and make sure it's. Most impressed by the office hours up to 9pm! Thanks so much Jen & Co hopefully won't see you soon again but need to come by in the next few days anyways. All my referrals will come to you for sure!!

Bérénice Romanet

How easy it is to deal with Fixerman! On Instagram or WhatsApp, you tell them your problem (fixing an iPhone screen in my case) and they give you all the details. Then they come to your place, take your device and half an hour later it’s all fixed!
They are really nice, efficient and respect the Covid rules. Highly recommended!

Eric Makhoul

Poor customer service and products quality they use is cheap. might as well go to Satwa and pay 40-50% less

Sinead Sweeney

Phone fixed within 12 hours of dropping it. I was at an event so not in my apartment and Shafi came and met me and returned the phone within 30 minutes. Great service and lovely guy. Good prices too - definitely recommend. Thanks again Shafi.

usman amjad

Very happy with there service. Shafi technician was very humble and professional . He replaced my i phone x screen in within 30 min. And now phone is working well . Thanks again

Moaz Ibrahim

Quite pleased with the job done to the replace the back cover on the XS Max , the phone looks and feels brand new.

Highly recommended for the work and customer service ; 5 star service indeed.

Ayyappa Nandan

Service was real quick and amazing
Thanks to Ajmal he answered all my queries

Manish Gourisaria

Fixerman repaired my Macbook Pro very efficiently and professionally. They had to replace the motherboard and they did it very quickly without any hassle. They event went the extra mile in cleaning my laptop of old stickers. Once it came back it looked brand new and I have faced no problems since then.

Truly one of the best service experiences I have had in my life till now. Their value for money is also very good as their additional servi...

Ashrath Nisa

Excellent team work
Fast service
Good warranty cover

prajin prem

My phone screen smashed on my office, I called Fixerman and they came to collect it from my office and had it returned to me in under an hour, they even provided a screen protector for free. Absolutely fantastic service I am so impressed. Mr Prithvi on the phone was also extremely helpful. They are decently priced as well, so that is also a plus! :)

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