Old Gadgets Taking Space? Here Is What You Can Do!
recycling e waste and gadget repair in dubai

Written by: Fixerman - The Tech Guy

January 9, 2019

Old Gadgets Taking Space? Here Is What You Can Do!

Have you ever found yourself with a pile of spare electronics and not known what to do with it?

We spend so much time focusing on buying the next gadget: a phone, tablet, or laptop. It makes us feel incredibly joyous. Although, it is a good feeling, it also comes at a cost. We are generating an unprecedented amount of electronic waste, polluting landscapes, destructing natural habitats, and destroying ecosystems. UAE is one of the biggest contributors to e-waste in the Middle Eastern region- this is a pressing issue of our time that calls for immediate action.

The Damage

People in the Middle East habitually switch phones on a yearly basis because we have the need to keep up with the latest trends.  However, do we really think of what happens next? Many developing countries are being bombarded with e-waste coming from developed countries. As a global citizen, it is imperative we act responsibly.

Here is some food for thought, every year the world generates about 20-50 million tons of e-waste and out of this only 15-20% is being recycled whereas the rest is accumulated as dump and trashed across countries like Vietnam and Thailand. Rural areas that were once small luscious green villages, are dump yards – swamped and impossible to live in!

Back in 2010, it was said that about 350,000 mobile phones are disposed globally every single day. That calculates to more than 152 million phones that are thrown away in just one year. Can you imagine the monumental scale of the waste we generate? With mobile swapping taking place every year to two years, we are tarnishing the world with our own thoughtless ways.

What you didn’t know

Up to 95% of most phones in this generation and time are recyclable. Yes, that’s right! Many phone batteries are made of lithium, and these used batteries can also be recycled to produce new ones. This means that a smashed screen or a dead battery will not prevent your device from having another life. Giving it to someone in need, refurbishing and re-selling are various methods to showcase recycling potential. Hope is not lost, effort just needs to be made.

How YOU can make a difference

Alright, what if your device is actually beyond repair and saving? Save it some more, do not chuck it out or dump it in some trash can. Recycle! Even though in small quantities your device contains metals such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum and various others, it can amount to quite a bit if we start recycling what we have together as a community. Needless to say, that your next piece of gold/ silver jewelry and new phone may just have a little bit of recycled electronics!

With technology, awareness and innovation takes a lead in this generation. We are linked to a closed loop where raw materials can be recycled, repaired and renewed. Rethink, Reconsider and Recycle! We can save the world a lot of unnecessary damage and also declutter our lives just a little bit. Let’s save our world and our devices, one gadget at a time.

What can you do next

Well Fixerman is back to the rescue yet again! For those who have phones that are damaged beyond repair, we have a solution for you too! Hand over those devices to us so we can recycle it for you. We are proud to say that Fixerman in collaboration with the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) are working actively in order to reduce e-waste nationwide.

Get in touch with Fixerman – The Tech Guy today for a free pick up of your e-waste anywhere in Dubai. All e-waste is recycled locally in the UAE. Let us not be part of this and work for a better tomorrow!

Join our cause. Let’s better the world one less device at a time. Be your own superhero and save the world!